NASHVILLE, TN — Nashville General Hospital affiliate Nashville Healthcare Center is expanding its primary care division with the addition of Krzysztof Tunia, MD, an internal medicine physician.

Dr. Tunia is board-certified in internal medicine and received his medical degree from the University School of Medicine in Lublin, Poland. After graduation, he moved to the U.S. for his residency at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in New Jersey. A short time later, he established his own private practice there. Now, he’s bringing over 25 years of experience in internal medicine, as well as genuine excitement (to be here), to the people of Nashville. 

“When I came to visit Nashville, I liked the place, the people are warm and kind,” he began. “It’s a recent development to relocate,” he noted. Soon after the trip, both he and his wife shared the desire to move to Music City, and the final decision was made! 

“I met with (Nashville General Hospital’s) recruiting director at the time, Jana Rogers, and I liked her personal approach. We had good communication,” he said. The following series of interviews left him equally impressed with the hospital and its people. “I really loved the place and the people that I met. The staff is supportive. It’s a place where you can thrive and really enjoy taking care of patients.”

His passion for care and healing began at an early age, inspired by the choice of an older sibling. “Around the end of elementary school, I was inspired by my sister’s decision to be a physician,” he stated. “She is three years older than me. I just followed in her steps. She’s still practicing full-time,” he said. “And of course, the books I was reading at the time. (It’s) kind of a call that just comes to you, and you get involved deeper and deeper,” he reflected.

His involvement and engagement with his patients are equally as inspired. “My feature characteristic is to treat my patients like family.” He’s happy that the approach is reciprocated well in his practice and patients feel the same way toward him. 

“Open, two-way communication,” Dr. Tunia stated. “From the time of the first visit, the professional way to examine and diagnose a patient requires you to guide them but must still give space to the patient to discuss what the patient wants to discuss,” he emphasized. “Definitely, the approach is personal,“ he continued. “The patient needs to be really comfortable with the physician.”

In his experience, the physician/patient relationship is simply a matter of establishing much-needed trust. “Your confident manner when working with the patient gives them reassurance,” he said. “They will be treated in the best manner.” 

He sees care and treatment from the patient’s perspective, stressing that they must be “secure and confident that the physician will effectively deal with this problem and gives them reassurance. Someone that cares after the patients well. Trustworthy and reliable.”

When asked to expand on his vast medical knowledge and approach to patient care, Dr. Tunia remained humble, simply stating, “I love working with people and taking care of them.” 

Dr. Tunia is accepting new patients at:

Nashville Healthcare Center – Midtown, 1919 Charlotte Avenue, Suite 230, Nashville, TN 37203. Please call 615-341-4YOU (4968) to setup an appointment.

Nashville Healthcare Center – Main 1818 Albion Street, First Floor Nashville, TN 37208.