Nashville General Hospital

Nashville, Tenn. (TN Tribune)- Nashville General, a national leading public safety net hospital, announced today they have been ranked #1 in the State of Tennessee for Health Equity and Inclusion. This award was given by the Lown Hospital Institute honoring general hospital public safety for income, racial and Health education inclusivity.

The Lown Institute Hospitals Index measures social responsibility for hospitals nationwide. This recognition underscores Nashville General Hospital’s core mission to improve the health and wellness of the Nashville community by providing equitable access to comprehensive, coordinated, patient-centered care.

“It isn’t enough to provide access to quality healthcare, we need to address the issues keeping the community from getting the care they need,” shares Joseph Webb, D.Sc, chief executive officer, Nashville General Hospital. “Our goal is to educate our community and provide resources that encourage participation in each individual’s health goals and needs.”

Dr. Joseph Webb is a proponent of evidence-based strategies to support public health strategies including improving health literacy and breaking enhancing access to healthcare. Read more at The Webb Health Equity Model.

His implementation of the Food Pharmacy, increased health literacy efforts and CHEN (Congregational Health and Education Network) all align with the mission to provide quality care to everyone in the community regardless of race and finances. These are real resources with real solutions meeting real needs.