The worst kept secret in the country has now been revealed–Nashville is officially the hot new “it city!” These days it seems the entire world is moving to Music City USA.  Recently named by as one of the Top Ten Hottest Spots for families to move to, Nashville, has seen an increase in the amount of families moving here. According to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s figures from last year, an estimated 71 people per day are moving to Nashville.

So why are so many people moving to our town? It’s a myriad of reasons ranging from job growth, schools, better cost of living etc. Nicholas Taylor, General Manager for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and Brian Mattingly, CEO of Welcomemat Services, are two experts from the world of professional moving. Atlanta-based Welcomemat Services ( is a new mover marketing and technology company that provides loyalty marketing solutions designed to target families who have recently changed their address.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® ( is the largest franchised moving company both in the United States and internationally, and has performed more than 5.5 million moves since its inception in 1985. General manager Nicholas Taylor, offers his spin on the big surge in people moving to town. “I believe the main reasons people are moving to Nashville includes the booming music industry and the local entertainment scene,” says Taylor. “New Nashvillians can also find countless concerts taking place every night, plenty of dog-friendly venues around town, shady greenways to run or bike, and tons of other things to do after work and on the weekends,” he adds.

Businesses both large and small, are also moving to town, which of course means more jobs. The company Welcomemat benefits both businesses and consumers who are new to the city. It helps a local business by finding families who have recently moved to a new area and delivering personalized gifts from local businesses to the family. “This helps to build the loyalty between the local business and families before big-box retailers are able to,” says company founder Brian Mattingly, who started the company with his wife Michelle in 2003. “By delivering these personalized gifts, the families new to an area are connected with local businesses, which helps to start a loyal relationship when looking for retail stores in the area. And consumers are benefitted because they will spend less time looking for new stores to shop, having already been introduced to local businesses through these personalized gifts. Their time will be saved and in addition, they can dedicate the extra time saved to further settle into the community and meet their new neighbors,” adds Mattingly about his company, which has expansion plans for more Nashville area locations within the next two years.

Summer time is the most popular season of the year to move. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® offers these tips below for moving to a new city or just across town:

  • Schedule your move well in advance before your moving company’s schedule fills up
  • Always overestimate how much time it will take to pack your belongings into boxes
  • Be sure your moving company is licensed and insured, that they drug test and background check their employees, and that their initial cost estimate reflects all costs included in their services