Shown are DeLisa Gurrier, left, founder, Storyville Theme Park and Sharon Reynolds, president/CEO DevMar, LLC

By Ms. June

NASHVILLE, TN — Sharon Reynolds, award winning entrepreneur and President/CEO of DevMar Products, LLC and DevMar Manufacturing is a key player in the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and Young Entrepreneur Women (YEW) Conferences in Nashville, TN March 21 through March 30, 2023.  These two conferences sponsored in part, by The Tennessee Tribune,  Bristol Myers Squibb, DuPont, EY, Nissan Group of the Americas and others  brings the nation’s leading authority on certifying women businesses and future entrepreneurs together for networking, business development, identifying best practices and celebrations of success.  The WBENC National Conference, held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, is the largest event of its kind for women business owners, welcoming thousands of women entrepreneurs and corporate executives ready to make connections and do business.

DevMar Products LLC, is a multi-dimensional global corporation solving some of healthcare and sanitation’s costliest problems with patented products servicing Fortune 500 corporations. The company holds ten patents for just one of its products, and is pending deployment in worldwide military installations to address Covid-19. DevMar’s products are used in hospitals, schools and airports, to name a few.  Reynolds launched DevMar Manufacturing in 2012 to handle the distribution of its specialty products, partnering with big companies that want to partner with diverse suppliers in this category.

To Reynolds, it’s crucial that women support women which is the reason why she joined Young Enterprising Women (YEW) in business. “It’s important for women like us to step out of our comfort zone, to mentor and train other women coming behind us, especially African American women. “We are the ones who get the least opportunities,” she said.  Her role on the board for Enterprising Women (EW) is so important to her. EW helps young girls in at-risk schools in Davidson County through its Young Enterprising Women program with a focus on the STEAM areas. “There is an awesome responsibility God gives us,” she said. Continuing on, she wants to put a focus on the communities that are still struggling here.  The YEW program held its inaugural presentation at Pearl Cohn in 2018 with over 60 attendees, an all-star panel and keynote speakers. The YEW conference takes place on March 30, 2023 and will provide high school girls with scholarships as well as the opportunity to connect with outstanding women in business in the local community.

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