TN Tribune–With the purpose of being accessible to all, the author writes in a conversational style. Exploring how life can change, and not always positively, he demonstrates how the human spirit can overcome those circumstances.

Additionally, Key speaks candidly about growing up Black in California in the 1970s and 1980s. Wanting to empower others, the author examines his own weaknesses and fears.

Through this study, he hopes to help people:• recognize failures and successes along their journey;

• approach race and diversity with sensitivity and courage;
• heal from an unhealthy relationship before starting a new one;
• face trials and controversy with unshakable faith.“Today our nation is in pain.

Still suffering from COVID-19, racism/police brutality, and political division. My book offers not just hope, but answers and solutions to problems concerning race, love, honor, and faith in a clear and concise manner,” Key explains.He adds, “The wide variety of lessons and stories will inspire and encourage the reader to keep the faith and never give up or lose hope because victory is around the corner.”