NASHVILLE, TN — It is easy to procrastinate or forget about major natural events in life such as health care planning for our loved ones and ourselves. However, it is so important to educate and plan ahead to make appropriate decisions before becoming stressed with such situations.

The Putting Things in Order seminar addresses pertinent life planning issues that everyone must face before it is too late. Topics such as Medicare/Social Security, Legal Matters-Advanced Directives for Health Care, Conservatorships, Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, as well as Palliative Care and Hospice Care will be addressed by expert professionals. Speakers are Attorney Monica Edwards, James LaBrec and Keith King.

Don’t miss this informative seminar which will lead into hands on assistance in accomplishing those needed tasks at no cost at this and future sessions.

The seminar will be held Sunday, October 9 am at 4 pm at the Martin Luther King Hall, First Baptist Church, Capitol Hill located at 625 Rosa Parks Blvd. at Nelson Merry Street, Nashville. For further information and to register, call 615/255-8757. You may also register at the door.

Seminar is being sponsored by the FBCCH Counseling Ministry. Rev. Dr. Kelly M. Smith, Jr., Pastor.