Every child wants to look their best as they head back to school this August. You probably have bought the new school clothes and the school supplies needed for the new school year, but have they had their smile checked?  When scheduling health care appointments, don’t overlook a dental checkup for your child.  A painful tooth can lead to difficulty eating, speaking, and communicating and can cause children to miss school.

5 Things to Do to Have a Healthy Smile for School

• Children should brush their teeth twice a day including in the morning and before going to bed at night.

• Kids need to floss their teeth before going to bed.

• Make sure your child is eating the recommended daily servings of fruits • Remember that after school snacks should be healthy snacks and not sugary foods and drinks from the vending machines.

• Seeing the dentist twice a year for dental checkups helps to keep that healthy smile.

Going back to school is exciting and this is the perfect time to incorporate good oral health habits into a child’s daily routine as well.  Remember that a back to school dental checkup with the dentist is just as important as booster shots and should be done before school starts. The next Tooth Talk article I will talk about how to protect a healthy smile.

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