Entrepreneur, attorney, minister, and Metro Councilman At-Large are all ways to describe Jerry L. Maynard, II.

NASHVILLE, TN — Jerry Maynard is a servant leader through and through. There are many different reasons why people choose to run for public office. Some people choose to run to feed their own ego, to be in the spotlight. It’s a popularity contest. Some candidates run because they legitimately want to shed light on certain issues, change policy and make a difference in the lives of their constituents. Jerry Maynard is that candidate. He is running for State Senate because he is called to service. This calling extends beyond politics as he serves in ministry and served the Country.

Maynard’s upbringing and experience has instilled in him a serve-first mindset.

“The United States Army gave me the opportunity to go to college through an ROTC scholarship. I learned the value of honor and service to my Country and to my brother and sisters serving beside me. Every day of military service reminded me that I was there to defend freedom, democracy, the right to vote, and personal liberties. I developed personal discipline and the value of putting others first through selfless service was reinforced. These lessons have stayed with me my entire life,” said Jerry Maynard, candidate for Senate District 19.

“Jerry is the type of State Senator we need now. He understands democracy and he gets things done. He’ll look out for the good of the people of Tennessee regardless of how they look or how they describe themselves,” said former Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party, Democratic nominee for the 2008 United States Senate election in Tennessee, and decorated United States Marine, Bob Tuke.

“We’ve worked together on political issues, getting hard-working people elected, and addressing the issues and the concerns of ALL Tennesseans. His leadership as TN Democratic Party Deputy Chair was invaluable and we saw the impact of his efforts to engage African Americans across the State.”

Councilmember and U.S. Navy Veteran, Tanaka Vercher believes that “Representing a community of people in office is an opportunity that few are fortunate to have. As a Veteran, no matter what branch you served in, you have a unique perspective from your years of service.” She added, “Loyalty and commitment to service are characteristics that transfer well into public office. Jerry has committed to serving his country and his community and I look forward to his continued service in the State Senate.”

The United States’ 15th Amendment made voting legal for African-American men. However, voting by them was almost nonexistent in some places, especially in the South, because of threats, violence, and unethical practices, like poll taxes.  With that behind us now, on this day, Rosetta Miller-Perry rise to not only vote in the upcoming election for a intellectual  Senate candidate – Jerry Maynard,  but ask my FFF (friends, family and followers) to do the same.