Entrepreneur, attorney, minister, and Metro Councilman At-Large are all ways to describe Jerry L. Maynard, II.

A vote for Jerry Maynard is a vote for equity in action

NASHVILLE, TN — (June 29, 2022) Jerry Maynard has been in the trenches over the past 20 years fighting to create more equitable opportunities in the city of Nashville. His ability to lead effectively, vast experience, and quest for continued progress has garnered him the support of prominent Nashville-based attorney,  Anne Davis, Tennessee Tribune founder, publisher, and CEO, Rosetta Miller-Perry, Councilmember At-Large, Sharon Hurt, and District 19 State Senator, Brenda Gilmore, the chairs of Women for Maynard.

Endearingly known as the Queen Mother of the Black Press of America, Rosetta Miller-Perry, has been a prominent voice representing Nashville’s diverse African-American community for more than 30 years. “Anyone who knows me knows I don’t sugar-coat things and I’m not going to start now. Jerry is the leader that District 19 needs. We need someone with the experience to be able to work through the nuances of government and energy to get things done for our community. Time and time again, Jerry has proven his commitment to making positive impacts whether that’s through legislation, advocacy, monetary support, mentoring, or ministry,” said Miller-Perry. “There are no black men in the State Senate. In 2022, that is a travesty and I am glad that we have a chance to rectify this shortcoming by electing Jerry Maynard as our next Senator.”

In 2011, Jerry Maynard was named The Tennessee Tribune’s Citizen of the Year for the legislative initiatives regarding workforce housing, the Metro Employee Healthcare Incentive Plan, and the Small Business Job Creation Act. 

Maynard helped raise over $1.5M for Jefferson Street Merchants Partnership during Maynard for Senate Treasurer and Councilmember at-Large Sharon Hurt’s tenure. “Jerry is not only my friend, he’s someone I know I can count on. He has consistently shown up for me and shown up for our community more times than I can count. Jerry is not perfect but he is honest and accountable,” Hurt said. “As an elected official, you will never please everyone but we do our best to work on behalf of the people we represent to deliver impactful results that benefit those who live and work in our districts.  Having known and worked with Jerry over the last 25 years, I am emphatic that Jerry is best-suited to represent Senate District 19 at this time.”

After spending nearly three decades as an elected official, Senator Gilmore has decided not to run for re-election on the August 2022 ballot and has endorsed Maynard. “I know that Jerry loves this community and I am confident he will always put the needs of people  first and never comprise their needs for big businesses. The role of a legislator is to thoroughly research the topics of bills that are introduced, work with colleagues and meet with associations and other groups to gain support or develop opposition arguments  for proposed legislation. Jerry knows the rules that govern this process and will be able to make impactful contributions on the legislative committees he serves as he has expertise in a variety of policy areas.”

Senator Brenda Gilmore implores her constituents, “Having served as a Metro Council member, State Representative, and State Senator, I’ve always prioritized my constituents and their needs. Now, we need to elect Jerry Maynard to be the next Senator for District 19.

 If you’ve ever cast a vote for me, I’m asking you to vote for Jerry now.”

Known as a “quiet force in Nashville” Attorney Anne Davis and wife of Mayor Karl Dean is supporting Maynard’s bid for State Senate. “I know Jerry to be the type of person that stands on his convictions. We need that at the Capitol. More than that, we need someone who can go to the legislature and get things done! During these times, we need more than just rhetoric, we need someone with an understanding of what to do and how to do the job. Jerry is that person,” said Davis.

The co-chairs of Women for Maynard include Pam Martin, Pastor Misha Maynard, Councilmembers Jennifer Gamble, and Tanaka Vercher, Davidson County Clerk Brenda Wynn, Metro Trustee Erica Gilmore, TNDP Executive Committeewoman Nadira Freeman, Pastor Ella Clay, Former Metro Councilmembers Sandra Moore, Sheri Wiener, and Jacobia Dowell, and Former TNDP Vice-Chair Elisa Parker.

A host of other staunch supporters of Jerry Maynard will convene at the home of the esteemed Dr. Ruth and Kevon Edmonds for the campaign’s Women for Maynard event on Thursday, July 7, 2022.