Dr. Janet Walsh, Manufacturer of Tea Tea beverages and drinks. Photo by Nora Canfield, MsDig Photography

By Ms. June

NASHVILLE, TN — Dr. Janet Walsh gives new meaning to the expression “Janet of All Trades.” She is the Tea Maven, Founder of Tea Tea and Company, an accomplished long-tenured Librarian, a North American Iced Tea Champion,  and Global Tea Champion. Her passion for the art of tea making has led her to be innovative in this portion of the beverage industry as she has added a new instant all-natural tea to her existing repertoire of bagged and bottled teas. 

Dr. Walsh marketing and promoting her growing line of tea popular tea products. Photo by Dr. Tonya Jones

Dr. Walsh will officially launch her new product at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas from June 10 –June 13, as Tea Tea and Company receives a Global Tea Championship award, judged by national and international tea professionals, to set apart the highest grades and best tasting teas available for purchase globally.  This expo is the annual event for distributors, manufacturers and buyers seeking to expand their beverage portfolios and gather information about this rapidly emerging sector of the beverage industry.

She hails from a long rich lineage of tea connoisseurs.  Long before Tea Tea and Company was founded, Walsh’s mother, grandmother, and her great-grandmother kept tea in their home. Her great-grandmother made tea from the herbs she picked in their backyard in Memphis, Tennessee. “There were five of us growing up together, but tea was our sixth sibling,” says Walsh. She goes on to explain that she often  had hot tea with her family in the morning for breakfast, iced tea in the afternoon and tea was often brewed when someone in the household had a broken heart or broken bone from a sports injury.

Tea is known to have medicinal qualities in many ways.  Recently, Walsh’s mother was in the hospital recovering from nausea after surgery and treatment for breast cancer. The doctor had advised that she had received all the nausea medicine allowed.  Janet didn’t have time to brew or steep, so she gave her mother a few pieces of ginger tea from her purse, and made her an instant cup of all natural tea. To the surprise of all around, her mother felt better instantly.  At that moment Walsh thought about all the other people who have run into similar issues. That is the moment when she began the innovative development of her instant all natural tea brand. She realized the instant tea pack would be more eco-friendly and it could get into the hands of customers faster.

In the climate of our fast paced society, this couldn’t have come at a better moment as time and convenience go hand-in-hand for today’s consumers. Walsh goes on to explain that, with this instant tea the consumer is able to control the water as well as experience the authenticity, leisure and health benefits of her tea beverage at work and at play. Walsh indicates that the all-natural instant tea gives people the opportunity to enjoy the taste of good tea and reflect whether they’re exercising at the gym or relaxing at the park.  

Moreover, it’s true that there is a great disparity between iced tea and cold tea. According to Walsh, 85% of people in the United States drink iced tea and that percentage is low in comparison to hot tea consumption. 

The developmental process is a simple but tedious one. First Walsh supplies the original recipe to the formulation scientist as well as the flavor specialist. Walsh shares that the formulation scientist and the flavor specialist work separately and in concert. She then works with a nationally and internationally trained Chef locally to balance taste, flavor, and to find the “je ne sais quoi” before it goes to the second, third, and final round of testing and tasting.  The end result is a quality beverage with the perfect blends that guarantee a unique taste and experience with optimal performance.

According to Walsh it’s a healthy beverage alternative, due to having less sugar and herbal ingredients. “There is no compromising of taste,” says Walsh. After Dr. Walsh unveils her all-natural tea, she shares that she plans to distribute her products in airports and health centers across the country.

Additionally, Walsh explains that she is currently in negotiations with restaurants and food service outlets to offer concentrates from her tea that will aid them in creating additional food and beverage offerings to their customers. The community can be the first to find out about the latest on Tea Tea and Company’s all-natural instant tea, make purchases and learn more about all of their exhilarating tea products by visiting their website at www.teateaandcompany.com