The center divider is in the foreground and the Bordeaux landfill is in the background. The green area along Briley Parkway is where Waste Management wants to expand the dump.

Nashville, TN–The following is a letter from The Bordeaux North Chamber of Commerce:


The Bordeaux North Chamber of Commerce has been made aware of some information that we just learned about this afternoon and want the community to know that we have not talked with nor made any agreements with Council-member, Johnathan Hall about this development and stand with our Charter Member, Brenda Gilmore and we are adamantly opposed to this proposal.

We will never be in agreement for another land waste development coming to our growing community.  In fact we are trying to remove the one that is currently in our community.

In order for the Bordeaux North Chamber of Commerce to agree or disagree to any proposal we have a process.  We have Board of Directors, Founding and Charter Members and the community at large to assist us in making decisions.  None of this has taken place.  We have not made nor received any agreements on behalf of the Bordeaux Community since our inception.

We are quite disappointed in this false association with a waste management/landfill company.  We definitely want to see growth and development in our community but would not align ourselves to this approach.  Any inquiries will need to be brought to the attention of the Executive Board of Directors.


Executive Board of Directors:

Judge Rachel L. Bell, Chair
David Jon Walker, Vice-Chair
Rhonda Scott Kinslow, General Counsel
Roberta Scott Pettis, Leadership Chair
Sherill Toran, Education Chair
Shawn Massey, Secretary/Treasurer
Sherry Porter, Health & Wellness