Bob Johnston

By V.S. Santoni 

NASHVILLE, TN — Founded in 1978, The Melting Pot has been a popular restaurant in many communities for anniversaries, proms, and other big gatherings. 

Bob Johnston, former President and COO of The Melting Pot and now owner of Front Burner, looks to continue expanding the franchise throughout the country. Currently, the franchise operates more than 105 restaurants in the US, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. In 2022, The Melting Pot saw a 16 percent increase in sales in remodeled stores. The restaurant has been remodeling many locations that are expected to finish by year’s end. An updated floor plan and modern, more playful elements promise to keep The Melting Pots unique style competitive. 

In Nashville, The Melting Pot maintained a presence on 2nd Avenue for 20 years, until Christmas 2020. A bomb detonated early that day and destroyed the building, changing the face of downtown Nashville. Johnston, concerned about the well-being of his franchisees, has been working with the franchisee from that location to help recoup their losses and guarantee future success. 

Johnston hopes to attract new entrepreneurs and franchisees. The Melting Pot aims to open 15 new restaurants by 2025, including a new franchise location in Chattanooga, TN. Expansion is also targeting Memphis, TN; Houston, TX; Charleston SC; and Montgomery, AL. 

A charitable giver in Tennessee, The Melting Pot has partnered with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, the premier childhood cancer research hospital in the state, to raise over $1 million dollars during their “Thanks and Giving Campaign” just last year.  

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