Karlton Govan will lead the Tennessee branch office of LEGACY Home Loans

Memphis (TN Tribune) – LEGACY Home Loans, a mortgage banking firm,
headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, continues to make good on its commitment to its
mission to Empower Black Communities Throughout the United States with a Focus on
Building Sustainable Wealth Through Homeownership and Leaving Family Legacies, by
opening three new branch offices in our Black communities, said Ben Slayton, the CEO of
LEGACY Home Loans.

The new Tennessee branch office is located, in Memphis Tennessee and is headed up by Mr.
Karlton Govan, a Memphis Tennessee Native. Born and raised in Orange Mound, a primarily Black Community in Memphis. Karlton is a graduate of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In his free time Govan enjoys spending time with his daughter, and serving the community as a member of the Epsilon Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Govan is well known in the Memphis real estate community. He brings 20 plus years of
experience and thrives on delivering exceptional service to his clients which is in line
with LEGACY Mortgage’s mission to empower the Black communities throughout the
United States with a focus on building sustainable wealth through homeownership and
leaving family legacies.

In October 2020, Mr. Govan was highlighted in two separate articles by the Memphis Business Journal about the lack of Mortgage Capital in the Black Communities of Memphis and now he can finally do something about it. He will bring unbiased mortgage underwriting for Black Homebuyers to Memphis.

“I am now a branch manager, with the largest Black Led Mortgage Company in the country
whose sole focus is lending to the Black Communities throughout the United States,” said
Govan. “I am thrilled to be a member of the LEGACY Mortgage Family and I will do my part
to bring these loans to the Black Communities of Memphis.”

October 17, 2022, LEGACY launched a new Special Purpose Credit Program that we call
“CLOSING the GAP” Loan program to be marketed, in six (6) U.S. cities, and Memphis
happens to be one of the six cities. The program’s down payment is as low as 1% after

factoring in LEGACY’ grant to the borrower. However, you must presently live in one of the
designated minority census tracts to be eligible for the program but, you can purchase your
new home anywhere in the United States. Contact Karlton at (901) 701-1339 or at
www.GoWithGovan.com to find out if you are eligible?

Slayton’s commitment for LEGACY Home Loans (LEGACY Mortgage in the State of
Tennessee) is to lend “One Billion Dollars” in mortgage loans nationwide to Black
Homebuyers by the end of 2023. Thereafter, to lend One Billion Dollars or year after year to
our people nationwide.

Today LEGACY have branch offices located in, Los Angeles, CA, Atlanta Georgia, Dallas
Texas and Houston TX; Las Vegas, Nevada; Columbia South Carolina; Charlotte North
Carolina; St. Louis Missouri; Jacksonville, Florida; Shreveport, Louisiana and now in
Memphis, Tennessee. We are also licensed to do business in a total of 43 of the 50 United

Slayton points out what makes LEGACY different from other mortgage companies is, when
our branch offices become successful, we take the profits from those branches and open new branches in our Black communities, hire local people in our communities, to help to
recirculate the money within our Black communities.

Today Black Homeownership is at an historical low of only 44% (meaning, only 4 out of
every 10 Black Families Own the home they live in) in contrast to 7 out of every 10 White
Families own the homes that they live in. Hence, a 30% homeownership gap between Black
and Whites. LEGACY intends to do its part in closing this 30% homeownership gap.
Slayton has been a leader in the Black community since he became the First Black
REALTOR® in America. Since then, he has started, built, and sold several successful
businesses in the real estate and mortgage industry. He is presently the Founder and CEO ofLEGACY Home Loans. For more information about LEGACY Home Loans (LEGACY
Mortgage) in the state of Tennessee, visit the company’s website at:
hpttp://www.MyHomeLegacy.Com, or call (702) 425-3374.