Scott Cihak, TriStar Centennial CEO/president

NASHVILLE, TN — TriStar Centennial Medical Center is proud to announce the opening of its Advanced Wound Care and Vascular Center. The clinic is hosting a welcome reception and open house for the medical community to spotlight the new service line and emphasize the importance of proper wound care.

“It’s estimated that 6.7 million Americans experience chronic wounds and we are grateful to provide this much needed service to the Nashville community,” said Scott Cihak, president and chief executive officer at TriStar Centennial. “Our goal is to help restore the body’s ability to heal on its own.”

The outpatient clinic will also offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy. During therapy, a patient breathes 100% oxygen while under pressure allowing the body to deliver more oxygen throughout the blood.

“We offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy to our patients to prevent amputations as a result of non-healing wounds,” said Cihak. “With wounds, there can be an underlying issue, such as a diabetic patient developing foot ulcers. There is more to wound care than bandages, and it is our goal to reverse poor blood flow to promote healing.”

TriStar Centennial wants to make patients feel as comfortable as possible while receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

“Most treatments last approximately two hours and patients experience very little to no discomfort,” said Cihak. “Your ears might feel like they are popping as the chamber gradually pressurizes, similar to the feeling you may experience while flying and the plane cabin changes pressure.”

The Advanced Wound Care and Vascular Center is located on TriStar Centennial Medical Center’s campus at 2400 Patterson Street, Suite 304 in the Physicians Park.

For more information on wound care services, please call 615-342-5570 or visit

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