Tucker Carlson

By Rosetta Miller-Perry

Tucker Carlson has made racist commentaries, the foundation of his show on Fox News since it began in 2016. This white bigot had a long track record of fanatic, sexist and homophobic statements and comments during his days as a staff writer for the now defunct Weekly Standard and other right wing magazines. But since joining Fox News, Carlson’s turned racist pronouncements into a profitable art form with a $6 million annual salary the same way the late Rush Limbaugh did on radio  for an annual salary of $84.5 million for decades.

It was only two years ago where it was exposed that a head writer for the  “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show was an overt racist supplying garbage to a Neo-Nazi website.  Blake Neff had been using a pen name to write articles for the website AutoAdmit. He did this while simultaneously  supplying Carlson material for such accusations as the notion that the Democratic Party was promoting “white genocide.”  Blake Neff disparaged Black people and derided a woman for being a ”megashrew“ in multiple pseudonymous posts, CNN Business reported.

Most reputable networks would have quickly fired a person espousing overt racism, but Fox News (the use of News in their name is a perversion of the term) had made him the star of their weeknight lineup of right-wing racist propaganda hacks and Trump apologists. Fox News Channel with 20 Years In The #1 Spot On The Cable News Rankings  says something  if true,  it gives voice to far more about America in 2022 than it does about either Trump or Fox News.

Still, one would think that Carlson, or his network at least, would have some limit in regards to how 

KKK like his rhetoric spread. But that’s clearly not the case. All throughout the last presidential campaign, Carlson regularly disparaged our sorority sister, (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. ),  deliberately mispronouncing her name, and labeling  a competent African American/Indian lawyer, Vice President Kamala Harris as  incompetent and lightweight. Given that backdrop, no one should have been surprised when he selected his newest target, President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, D.C. Court of Appeals and another  Alpha Kappa Alpha woman.

“So is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson ― a name that even Joe Biden has trouble pronouncing ― one of the top legal minds in the entire country?” Carlson said during his racist diatribe, mispronouncing Ketanji. “We certainly hope so. It’s Biden’s right. Appointing her is one of his    constitutional duties.” “So it might be time for Joe Biden to let us know what  Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT score was,” he said, mispronouncing her name again. “I don’t remember Tucker wanting to know [Justice] Amy Coney Barrett’s LSAT score. Or anyone else’s,” echoed former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski. “For some reason, he is questioning Brown Jackson’s intelligence. Or is he ‘just asking questions.’’ 

“Wonder how she did on the LSATs? Why won’t she tell us that? That would settle the question conclusively as to whether she is a once-in-a-generational legal talent, the next Learned Hand.”

On the Seventh Circuit, Barrett wrote 79 majority opinions (is a judicial opinion that is joined by more than half the judges deciding a case. (including two that were amended and one that was withdrawn on rehearing), four concurring opinions (one a per curiam opinion), and six dissenting opinions (six published and one in an unpublished order). 

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, D.C. Court of Appeals had over 500 Judicial opinions (also known as legal opinions, legal decisions, or cases) are written decisions authored by judges explaining how they resolved a particular legal dispute and explaining their reasoning.

Now if this racist idiot were as smart as he thinks he is, he’d know that the LSAT, the law school admission test, has little to no relevance as a measure of proficiency in the legal field. It’s something many legal scholars were quick to cite after hearing his garbage. By the way, when the President spoke in January about the qualifications for the position he said his pick would be “of extraordinary qualifications, character and integrity,” and that the inclusion of a Black woman on the Supreme Court was “long overdue.”

Even people who aren’t  Democrats responded to Carlson’s nonsense.  “I don’t remember Tucker wanting to know [Justice] Amy Coney Barrett’s test scores. Or anyone else’s. For some reason, he is questioning Brown Jackson’s intelligence. Or is he ‘just asking questions,’” former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski tweeted. The “Opening Arguments” legal podcast noted the ridiculousness of Carlson’s metric to measure fitness for the Supreme Court.

Here are Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson qualifications for those unaware of them. She’s an honors graduate of both Harvard University and Harvard Law School. She’s currently a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. She previously served as a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for eight years. She was also a former public defender and vice chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, and clerked for Breyer during the 1999-2000 Supreme Court term.

She’s far more qualified to be on the Supreme Court than Carlson is to be on the air. Even his own network has publicly maligned his credentials. Most reasonable people realize that much of what Fox News host Tucker Carlson says is not the truth, but attorneys representing Fox News have just used that to successfully defeat a defamation suit in court.

Former Playboy model Karen McDougal brought suit against Carlson for defamation of character over remarks that he made on air in 2018. Carlson alleged that McDougal had extorted the President “out of approximately $150,000 in exchange for her silence about an alleged affair.”Yet, this jerk now questions the intelligence of a distinguished justice with a  superior record. Indeed, most reasonable people recognize he’s a racist moron and Fox News is a worthless news organization. 

Finally, this mediocre little white man questioning whether an honors graduate from Harvard’s  undergrad and grad school and a  superior  female judge is qualified for the Supreme Court in this country.  Tucker  sits in a job with only a BA from Trinity College and he earns  $35 million to disparage African Americans in the United States of America. 

I rest my case.