Urban League of Memphis to Start New Session of Executive Education Program for Area Small Business Owners

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (TN Tribune) – The Urban League of Memphis is beginning another session of NextLevel, a business development program offered in conjunction with the Tennessee Urban League Affiliates, Tennessee Valley Authority and Interise. The purpose of the seven-month program, scheduled to start on April 15, is to support small business owners who wish to efficiently pursue their goals of business growth.

“NextLevel is an enormous opportunity for established business owners in the area to build a roadmap that turns plans into success,” said Tonja Sesley-Baymon, president and CEO of the Urban League of Memphis. “We deeply appreciate our community partners, Tennessee Valley Authority and Interise, for their continuous commitment to Memphis entrepreneurs who are ready to take their next steps forward.”

The program utilizes nationally recognized curriculum to help business owners develop three-year strategic growth plans and a customized guide for managing finances, navigating specific industries and sustaining market expansion. Class members will participate in 13 virtual classroom sessions over the course of the program and will graduate with renewed mindsets, fresh perspectives on business growth and specific developmental goals.

Memphis is home to one of four statewide Urban League affiliates offering the program to area business owners. The Tennessee Urban League Affiliates in Knoxville, Chattanooga and Nashville are also participating in NextLevel. To learn more about the program, contact the Urban League of Memphis at 901-272-2491 or [email protected].