East Knoxville resident Gail Carter, far right, dances in happiness about the long lines.

By Vivian Shipe

KNOXVILLE, TN — It was 8 am. The Love Kitchen, the early voting site in the inner city, wouldn’t open untill 10 am. That

Wall painting of the sister’s who started the love kitchen that feeds the homeless where early voting is being held. Both lived to be over 100 years old.

didn’t matter to the people who already were standing in a line that stretched out the parking lot, around the building, and down to the end of the block. The people had come to vote, no matter

An elderly lady in line since 8 am is helped out after casting her vote.
Photos by Vivian Shipe
Cynthia Finch loads her car with cases of sanitizer and wipes to take to the poll workers at the Love Kitchen.

how long it would take.

Long-time East Knoxville resident and voter advocate, Gail Carter, was beside herself with joy and thru tear-filled eyes she danced a hallelujah jig where she stood.

“Isn’t this wonderful!” She exclaimed as she danced in a bright red coat with the backdrop of a blue sky and happy people standing in line behind her.

No one was complaining. They were of all ages and races. Some had to be helped in, but all were of one accord. The most elderly of the community braved the threat of COVID-19 to cast their vote. 

Cynthia Finch, Director of New Directions Health Care Solutions made sure the site was sanitary and safe for all by bringing in a car load of disinfectant supplies to be used by poll workers and voters.

The resolve on the faces of those who waited an average of two hours in that line of the first day of early voting matched  the mantra running thru the crowd that early morning….

Vote like your life depends on it…..because it does!