FRANKLIN, TN – Williamson County District Attorney Kim Helper has escalated the prosecution of family law attorney Connie Reguli. Helper issued an arrest warrant against Reguli last Thursday for aggravated perjury. Reguli surrendered herself at the Williamson County Sheriff’s office Friday morning. She was booked and released on her own recognizance. She did not get a copy of the indictment when she was booked.

Williamson County District Attorney Kim Helper issued an arrest warrant for Connie Reguli on Thursday, August 11, but did not file the charges with the Criminal Court Clerk until Monday, August 15.

The Tribune has had trouble getting a copy of the charges. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office said they did not have a copy of the indictment; the Williamson County Criminal Court Clerk had no record of it and suggested calling the Sheriff’s Department. Neither District Attorney Kim Helper nor ADA Mary Katharine Evins were in their offices Friday afternoon; they did not return messages.

The criminal court clerk’s office still had no record of the arrest or indictment Monday morning, August 15.

Doubling-down on Reguli’s conviction with an aggravated perjury charge certainly adds to her legal problems but it also brings more attention to a case that has brought sharp criticism of Williamson County judges and the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) from dozens of Tribune readers. (see

On July 22, Governor Bill Lee Governor announced the departure of DCS Commissioner Jennifer Nichol’s and the appointment of Margie Quin who will take over September 1.

Former Department of Health Commissioner Lisa Piercy resigned May 31 amid widespread complaints of her handling of the pandemic and the firing of the state’s leading infectious disease expert last year.

“Recently, he’s begun using the election as an excuse to get rid of certain department heads, rather than to lead effectively,” Dr. Jason Martin told the Tribune. Martin is the Democratic Party candidate running for Governor against Lee.

He said that the Governor’s job is to lead an administration that best serves the lives and livelihoods of Tennesseans and that includes appointing cabinet members and department heads.

“My administration will choose people over politics and my appointments will reflect that,” Martin said.

Politics in the Courtroom

Secret communications between judges and prosecutors, called ex parte, are illegal. Reguli has accused DCS of wrongfully taking children from their families via ex parte removal orders when parents and their attorneys are not properly notified. Reguli said that is what happened in her case.

During the sentencing hearing DCS attorney Tracy Hetzel told Judge Bill Acree that DCS frequently uses ex parte orders to take children into state custody. Family advocates like Reguli say that common practice violates due process guarantees of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Reguli was convicted of custodial interference in April. Her 30-day jail sentence and two years’ probation was stayed by Judge Acree while she appeals that case.

The new charge of aggravated perjury is a Class D felony. It carries possible sentences of 2 to 12 years in prison and fines up to $5,000. Examples of Class D felonies are extortion, reckless homicide, and unlawful surveillance.

According to the clerk’s office, indictments are filed on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays and that did not happen with Reguli’s indictment last Friday. The criminal court clerk’s office released a copy of the two-page indictment just before noon Monday, August 15.

DA Helper could have intentionally kept the indictment under wraps or it may have been a clerical error. However, the sheriff’s office wasted no time releasing Reguli’s mug shot last Friday.

The indictment accused Reguli of lying about a payment she said she made to CASA for $3,145.50. CASA is a non-profit organization that trains volunteers and advocates for children in courtrooms.

Reguli said that the payment was a fine imposed by Judge Joseph Woodruff in 2014. She said that Woodruff instigated the new charge.

Williamson County Criminal Court Judge Joseph Woodruff presided over Reguli’s recent trial for custodial interference but his animosity towards her goes back eight years.

“This CASA is a pet project of Judge Woodruff. He is a neighbor to Marianne Schroer who was the executive director of CASA for years.

A CASA worker emailed confidential Juvenile Court records to a teacher which is criminal contempt and I brought criminal contempt against her. I subpoenaed her records and she redacted a bunch of them. This was right when Judge Woodard got on the bench. And then as soon as he got on the bench, he sanctioned me for doing those things,” Reguli said.

Williamson County Casa Executive Director Emily Layton declined to comment.

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  1. Once again the corruption and all these ridiculous illegal maneuvers to suppress the facts about child welfare and how they illegally take children and traffic them through the foster care system. Kids for cash! Connie Reguli has been a huge advocate for parents who fall victim to the agency and court corruption. The players in this conviction and right out harassment of Reguli show how desperate they are to cover their own crimes.

  2. Thank you again, Tennessee Tribune for this coverage of Connie Reguli. This article will be used to send around the world as the other articles were.
    The thousands of us that know Connie Reguli, have great respect for her. She is an intelligent, strong, beautiful woman who is and has been for many years, helping children stay together with family.
    In other words, she helps keep children out of the evil hands of DCS and Family Court, and their goal of using children for profit.
    Connie has thousands of FB followers. I am one of them and I have certainly learned a lot about the wrongdoings of the child protection service and family court. Because of her, many of us Will be bringing our children home!
    If secret communications between judges and prosecutors, called Ex Parte, are illegal, why was Woodruff who recused himself, sitting in plain view of Acree during Connies’ trial?
    Jason Martin I hope Tennesseans hold you to your words.
    One thing is for sure, Tennesseans should certainly be ashamed of all of the members of DCS and all of the members of the family court, particularly in Williamson County! They should demand an investigation into these entities.
    People who create situations such as this, are usually hiding from their ugly decisions!

    1. She is a sick woman and criminal of this community. I am a native and others deciding are not. Prosecute her to the maximum. She is corrupt and deserves punishment. She reflects dirty legal practices and harmed my family years ago when she was in a bad area of Nashville. I grew up in Brentwood and she is a disgrace to the community. Give her the book and many years in jail!!!

      1. Everything you’re saying doesn’t add up to all the good she’s done for families fighting corruption in CPS!

        1. RIGHT ON POINT!!!Everything you’re saying doesn’t add up to all the good she’s done for families fighting corruption in CPS!

  3. This is what happens when evil and corruption are exposed. Connie is an amazing person, a fierce advocate and trusted friend to so many. She is one of the few that has the spine to stand up to those who abuse their power. It’s absolutely sickening to me to know that when somebody is willing to stand up and defend the rights of innocent children from being trafficked by a business that claims to protect abused children that person is made out to be a criminal.

    Judges in juvenile court are notorious for ruling on the side of whomever can give them the biggest bribe. Since CPS receives Federal funding it’s very difficult to find anybody that has the financial ability to out bribe CPS. It’s because of this that women like Connie are needed to scream, shout and fight for the innocent who are being destroyed by a system of fascists.

    The Bible says that during the end times good will be called evil and evil will be called good, this is the best example. I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Connie I am proud to have somebody so brazen, strong and dedicated to stand next to in this fight to protect our children.

    1. I totally agree and know Connie personally. Just like the government is continually attacking Trump for ha I no done and awesome job so they are attacking Connie. She had fought valiantly against the evil of destroying children’s lives and their parents. Wake up Tennesseans to the corruption in our own backyard and front yard too.

  4. The CASA broke confidentiality and the powers that be in TN think it’s okay? It is not. Good for Connie in trying to set that right.

    1. Thank you to the Tennessee Tribune for covering Connie Reguli’s horrible ordeal where the judiciary is trying to send a clear and direct message to Connie and any attorney that dares call into question the shenanigans of the court system and expose them for what they are.

      As a fellow advocate for judicial accountability , I have known Ms Reguli for years and she has done phenomenal work in showing how Title IV money is stolen from our senior citizens, under the disguise of “the best interest of the child”
      Her noble efforts have placed a target upon her back, simply because those in power do not want that money train to stop

      Joe Sorge did an excellent job of exposing what Ms. Reguli fights against in his Documentary, “Divorce Court” I highly recommend it.

      Ms. Reguli has an untarnished reputation prior to her illuminating the systematic and systemic failures of CPS and cronyism.
      Shining the light on such failures of the system is needed , if the state , the politicians, judges or common ordinary folks truly and honestly want to say, “the best interest of the children”

      This is a National crisis and Connie Reguli is one of the best in helping to stop the abusive over reach of the judicial process .

      Again I thank the Tennessee Tribune for their coverage on Ms Reguli.

  5. There is no longer justice in this world. This woman is revered upon in the eyes of many who have experienced family courts corruption and blantant violation of civil rights. Ignoring best interests of children all along the way. *Make no mistake* Cps, family court and judges /workers all only care about 1 thing and it’s not the safety or wellbeing of your children. Starts with an M and ends with a Y.

  6. Connie reguli harmed my family many years ago. She deserves to be behind bars for a long time. Her kids who were adopted deserve a better parent and she is criminal and deserves many years in jail due to perjury and any other charges against her as a result of her thinking she is above the law. She is a criminal and should get maximum jail time. !!!!!!

  7. Connie is ethical, professional, and fearless. She has given her life helping thousands of families like mine. I pray this situation brings to light the corruption and criminal actions of the Courts and DCS.

  8. Kim Helper is the one doing shenanigans. Her in the position of DA is a joke. She’s harassing one of the best lawyers in Tennessee and she knows it. Voting her out can’t happen soon enough.

  9. If there’s one thing I know for sure, Connie did her homework before presenting anything in court. Apparently they just didn’t like what she had to say.

  10. So Judge Woodruff has put himself in charge of running the Williamson County court system, views DCS as an extension of himself, protects them, and hates Connie for actually protecting the people.

    I bet CASA is a compliance and indoctrination center.

  11. When a state agency is addressed either by an attorney or civilian for the states illegal misconduct that clearly is against the law, they collude further to stop legal action against them which I believe is a Monel system intended to deprive rights protected my the US Constitution. Please begin to understand that this happens across the United States and the victims have no way to help themselves from this level of Mafia type legal corruption. Connie’s bravery in standing for the truth and justice is paramount and is congratulated across this nation. There is finally a whistleblower protection being developed in Colorado for the same issues.

  12. This is very upsetting and I believe the people who made enemies out of this hero needs to be investigated for corruption by a panel of OUR PEERS NOT YALLS

  13. I am Praying for my fellow advocate/activist Stellar Attorney
    Connie Reguli, this is a horrible case of injustice simply because she helps families in the grips of cps who many families know far to well cps literally created a perjured narrative to take children, they do not even have miranda rights they are charged on hearsay reporting and now to see this JUDGE DO THIS EXTREMELY unethical and there should be a complaint filed against him for Judicial Ethics what he is doing is trying to shut Connie up we are not will not allow him to shut her up as we all know how corrupt cps is…

  14. Connie is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across! You are making yourself look guilty with what you’re doing to her! I’m in Pennsylvania and I pray she gets cps shut down you are all corrupt! God will win thir war!

  15. Did you….did you say that ex parte orders are illegal? Tell that to the thousands of domestic violence victims with ex parte protective orders.

    How sad y’all are sitting here and trying to promote Connie Reguli….

    There’s a reason she’s been censured so many times and it’s not because she’s some hero. I hope they don’t give back her ability to practice after this one.

    As a person who has read briefs and motions written by this woman and her office, she’s not put together. She likes to argue. 1 out of every 1000 things she tries sticks.

    I personally know some of the “parents” she has represented in their fight against DCS and those people do not deserve custody of their children.

    Good effing luck, Connie. Karma is a real mother, ain’t it?

    1. “Under the Judicial Code of Conduct, judges may not permit or consider “ex parte communications” in deciding a case unless expressly allowed by law. This ban helps judges decide cases fairly since their decisions are based only on the evidence and arguments presented to the court and the applicable law”

    2. Miss Reguli boldly shares the truth that the criminals don’t want to hear and she tells it LIKE IT IS. That’s a problem for CPS and judicial criminals. You know, the folks we vote for to protect and serve our innocent citizens and families.

    3. DARHMA, go back to where ever you came from. She is the best and you ad people like you are just losers and criticizers and envy her. She is brilliant! She does more than just do her job. She actually cares for the families and help them and their children from corrupt people like and corrupt justice systems.

  16. Miss Reguli is NOT a criminal. She IS a law abiding citizen and faithful, seasoned attorney, a professional and humanitarian who stands up for the innocent and the American dream, FAMILY integrity. She sure boldly shares the truth that the criminals don’t want you to hear and she tells it LIKE IT IS. That’s a problem for CPS and judicial criminals. You know, the folks we vote for to protect and serve our innocent citizens and families. Targeting the liberties of an innocent citizen is a crime. Certainly won’t be done quietly thanks to the press ~

  17. Connie is an incredible, wonderful person who has tirelessly supported families by trying to educate, promote awareness and provide real representation. The persecution she is experiencing is to punish her and try to prevent others from standing up for the truth and rights of families. It is an example of the corruption experienced by so many in the family courts.

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