Nashville, TN. May 20, 2022– A group of Workers’ Dignity members are relaunching their action with the support of the District 19 Council Member Freddie O’Connell outside of JE Dunn offices on Hermitage Avenue today, Friday, May 20 after JE DUNN met with workers who claimed $22,870 in stolen wages for work they completed at their 1812 Broadway project but failed to set an example for general contractors all over Tennessee in order to bring justice to workers that built this city.

Faustino and his crew say they were hired by Eric Nichols, a flooring subcontractor hired by Sanders Hyland to work at the Embassy One project managed by Yates Construction & the mixed-use project on 1812 Broadway managed by JE Dunn Construction. The workers are claiming $53,660 in stolen wages for the work they did at those projects.

Out of that total, $22, 870 corresponds to the wages the workers are claiming for the work completed at 1812 Broadway. Sadly, Nashville is plagued with general contractors that cut costs to boost their profit margin by contracting exploitative employers. We know that when a general contractor hires contractors solely based on who does the job the cheapest, they are creating the conditions for abuse to happen even if they are not directly responsible or liable for the exploitation. The cheap price often comes at the expense of labor standards. JE Dunn has the opportunity to step up and show other contractors in Nashville what a general contractor who cares about the workers who build their projects looks like. The workers will be giving JE Dunn a chance to do the right thing.

To get JE Dunn’s perspective on the matter, contact their legal counsel: (678) 987-7291

WHAT: Action outside of JE Dunn offices
WHEN: May 20, 2022 at 10 AM
WHERE: 29 Hermitage Ave, Nashville, TN 37210
WHO: Ceramic workers, Council Member Freddie O’Connell. and
community supporters

“We were nine workers, and we have all suffered from this [wage theft] because we all have a family to support”- Faustino, crew leader.
“It’s unjust that the hotel is almost finished and that no one will take care of us, the workers who helped build it”- Manuel, crew member