NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Independent Nashville sports network 440 Sports announces the addition of the “The Paul Kuharsky Podcast” to its line-up of show.

“We are ecstatic to become the exclusive distributor of The Paul Kuharsky Podcast and to partner with to provide Titans fans with the best possible audio and video content,” said Braden Gall, owner of 440 Sports.

“Paul has long embodied the style of content and community that we at 440 have strived to deliver,” says Gall. “He’s built his audience with care and unapologetic authenticity — two foundational principles we believe lead to the best audience experience in Nashville.”

After two decades of covering the Titans, Kuharsky launched in 2017 as an innovative way to build a Titans-centric community around insight and analysis that fans can’t get anywhere else. For $5.99 per month, fans get access to Kuharksy’s written work as well as his audio and video offerings and columns from Mike Herndon and former Titans scout Blake Beddingfield.

“I’ve been looking for the best way to expand my podcast, to extend its reach and to connect with potential sponsors,” Kuharsky said. “Local is the route and I have no doubt that joining Braden Gall and becoming part of the 440 Sports network will achieve those goals.

“ has been a big success in creating a wonderful membership of Titans fans who want a gimmick-free, real assessment of what’s going on with all levels of the team. The podcast, now with a video element, offers a taste of that to everyone and will be a bigger platform for people to hear and see me. I hope they will accept the invitation to step through that door and come to the site for much more.”

The Paul Kuharsky Podcast bolsters the 440 Sports Titans product line that already features the “Football and Other F-Words” podcast and “A Football Show” livestream.

“We are excited to work with Paul to continue to develop creative ways to offer Tennessee Titans fans the best possible coverage of their favorite team, players and stories,” said Gall.

440 Sports partners with Broadway Sports Media, including the “Music City Audible” and “The Hot Read” podcasts as well as “The Mike Herndon Show.”

Additionally, 440 features robust SEC football coverage with the “Fringe Element” videocast and a partnership with covering the Vanderbilt Commodores.

The 440 Sports network also partners with the Nashville Scene and the Nashville Post to provide the best coverage of the Nashville Predators through the “It’s All Your Fault” and “The Gold Standard” podcasts.

The 440 line-up also includes the “Club & Country” show covering Nashville SC soccer and “Lamestream Sports” podcast covering Nashville sports media and business.

All podcasts are available via Apple Podcast, Spotify or however you get your podcasts.