NASHVILLE, TN — HGTV’s Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, have teamed up with arts and craft retailer Michaels to launch their first-ever, custom frame program—The Scott Living™ Collection.  It’s Frames with distinctive finishes, textures, and details like hammered metal and leather. Great for favorite keepsakes, prints or photos.  The Scott Living Custom Frame Collection is available exclusively at Michaels.  The collection features 38 distinct and quality moldings designed by Drew and Jonathan Scott. Many of the frames’ finishes range from unique wood grains to metallic accents to natural and refined stones or the more traditional finishes of gold, silver, bronze, and copper.

For nearly a decade the 40-year-old identical twin brothers have become one of HGTV’s most successful celebrities. Their Scott Living brand has spread faster than a spilled bucket of paint. which has now expanded into some of North America’s leading companies in furnishings and design such as Wayfair, Lowe’s, Bed Bath Beyond, QVC, their own furniture line, just to name a few. There’s even an upcoming cruise to the Caribbean with Drew, Jonathan and their fans, scheduled for December. And it’s almost sold out! 

The Property Brothers were recently at Michaels One Bellevue Place location, to introduce their new custom framing line to a long line of adoring fans.

TRIBUNE:  What is the new Scott Living™ Collection all about? DREW: One of our biggest foundations has been how do you make a house a home? It’s always the memories you bring to it. We’re a big fan of having conversation pieces in a home. So being able to create these custom frame pieces just enhances a variety of projects for the home. JOHNATHAN: I hate it when I see someone who may have these amazing pieces and items in their home, such as mementos. or something that means a lot to them and it’s all tucked away in a box in the garage or attic. Why not showcase these works for the world to see? And so that’s why we’ve brought our new custom framing collection to Michaels.

TRIBUNE: How hands-on were you guys with this new venture? JONATHAN: Everything. Just every detail, we were constantly taking inspirational photos for this no matter where we were. When we were in Italy for Drew’s wedding he must have come back home with at least 500 photos from all over Italy. We got a lot of inspiration from some of those pictures, turned them into sketches and implemented the ideas into our various businesses, whether it’s framing, paints, furniture, it all comes back to the Scott Living Collection brand.  DREW: And that’s what we love about having the business relationship we have with Michaels. They have such an amazing team to support us with what we’re doing.  We’re asking people who try our custom framing to post photos of their projects on social media using #scottliving…The number of photos we’ve seen from fans have been just amazing. Just great stuff. We love our fans. Everything that we create is done with love from us to them, just trying to make their lives easier…We use so many Michaels products on our shows and at home. My wife Linda is the crafting queen. She makes everything–from handbags to artwork. We’ve actually had some date night projects involving arts and crafts. We’ll get a couple of canvas frames, take them home and create some artwork. JONATHAN:  If you follow us on social media @MrSilverScott and @MrDrewScott, the public can see just how much we integrate our custom framing into our digital content. DREW: Jonathan’s hair gets a lot more ‘likes’ than mine does. He also gets a lot of marriage proposals too. (they laugh)

TRIBUNE: You guys are HGTV royalty. What if you get a call from the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex to decorate one of their castles? Where would you start with this kind of extremely high-profile client?  DREW: I would first start by saying Yes! JONATHAN:  And then he would call me! (he laughs) The dream project that we’ve always had is to renovate a castle. But if the Duke and Duchess would one day want to have a baby nursery done, I think we could show up and help give them a hand. (DREW) “Yes, we would be happy to roll up our sleeves to help them with that.”

TRIBUNE: For the last 2 years, you guys have really spent a lot of time here in Nashville. Any new projects coming up specifically for Music City? DREW: We’re filming our shows The Property Brothers and Buying and Sellng here in Nashville right now.  We’re doing a total of 16 shows, which will start airing in about 4 -5 months from now. Plus, we recently did two housing builds with Habitat for Humanity here. JONATHAN:  Last season and this season we filmed a lot in Nashville. That means we’ve now done almost 40 projects here. But we love working here!

TRIBUNE: You guys should’ve been cast in the that new movie “TAG.”  (they both laugh) DREW: Yeah, we’re mischievous like that for sure. We played a lot of dumb silly games like what’s in the movie when we were younger. You know what? You should call Hollywood, tell them it’s a couple of twins who are interested. JONATHAN:  We have a lot of fans who work for Marvel Comics. We’ve been told that it’s supposedly some kind of Marvel storyline where it’s two brothers who clean up the messes that all of the super heroes make in the city. So, if this storyline becomes a movie, we can definitely handle it. In fact, I’m already wearing my superhero Spanx outfit underneath my regular clothes now! (they laugh)