Jackson, Mississippi

By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire , Senior Correspondent

WASHINGTON, DC — The internal migration patterns of African Americans in the United States have contributed to “black-majority cities.”

These urban areas, where African Americans constitute a significant portion of the population, have become magnets for individuals seeking more substantial opportunities and sustainable living.

According to Insider Monkey, despite a mere 1.5 percent growth in their overall share since 1970, the African American community’s strategic relocation has paved the way for their rising influence in critical regions nationwide.

Experts project that the United States will transform into a minority-white country by 2045, as racial minorities, including African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians, are set to become the primary drivers of the country’s economy.

Census experts attribute this transformation to two reasons: the combined racial minority population is projected to grow by a staggering 74 percent between 2018 and 2060, while the aging white population is expected to experience a decline during the same period.

Jackson, Mississippi, widely regarded as the “Blackest city” in America, is at the forefront of this demographic shift.

With African Americans constituting over 80 percent of the city’s population, Jackson is a testament to the vitality and prominence of African American culture and influence.

Looking at the state level, Texas boasts the highest African American population, with 3.55 million individuals, followed closely by Georgia and Florida.

These three states rank as the top contenders with the highest concentrations of African Americans nationwide.

The following ten urban areas have the highest percentage of African American residents:

1. Jackson, Mississippi 

Total Population: 149,813 African Americans: 122,612 Percentage: 81.84

2. East Orange, New Jersey 

Total Population: 68,893 African Americans: 55,087 Percentage: 79.96

3. Lauderhill, Florida 

Total Population: 73,461 African Americans: 58,704 Percentage: 79.91

4. Detroit, Michigan 

Total Population: 632,589 African Americans: 484,779 Percentage: 76.63

5. Albany, Georgia 

Total Population: 67,146 African Americans: 49,281 Percentage: 73.39

6. Birmingham, Alabama 

Total Population: 196,410 African Americans: 139,691 Percentage: 71.12

7. Southfield, Michigan 

Total Population: 75,901 African Americans: 48,391 Percentage: 63.76

8. Montgomery, Alabama 

Total Population: 198,659 African Americans: 126,268 Percentage: 63.56

9. Memphis, Tennessee 

Total Population: 628,118 African Americans: 398,824 Percentage: 63.50

10. Miami Gardens, Florida 

Total Population: 110,881 African Americans: 68,121 Percentage: 61.44

Baltimore (MD.), Shreveport (LA.), New Orleans, (LA.), Mount Vernon (NY), Macon (GA), Augusta (GA), Mobile (AL), Baton Rouge (LA), Portsmouth (VA), Savannah (GA), Trenton (NJ), Cleveland (OH), Hampton (VA), and Newark (NJ), rounded out the top 25 cities with the highest African American population.