Working in the heat of the day to serve others. Cynthia Finch of New Directions Health Care and the Faith Leaders Church Initiative, and Martha Jane LaRue Baker owner of Salon LaRue.

By Vivian Shipe

KNOXVILLE, TN — Between the two of them they feed, clothe, vaccinate, provide showers and free hair cuts every week to thousand.s. 

They are the leaders of the Faith Leaders Initiative and Care Cuts and they run their organizations like a well oiled military operation.

Their headquarters lie in opposite areas of the city.  Cynthia’s is in the inner city and east and  Martha’s lies downtown and to the west; but they cover the whole city and counties beyond. A force to be reckoned with, they can amass an army of volunteers simply by a text or video live on their phones.

No one gets left out in the fight to save and enrich the lives of others as these servant leaders, who by day are executives and business owners . They are truly boots on the ground when it comes to helping the homeless, less fortunate and marginalized communities.

No matter the weather, under the bridges, on warehouses,  church yards, college campuses, fairs, even on the side of the road in a pop tent, they serve and they followup.

In their follow up, lives have been saved, homeless are housed, service is rendered. It’s hard work and long hours that don’t even include the pre planning, building and working relationships and clean up. But they are masters at it.