Ann Arbor, MI is a haven for the arts and enticing cuisine. The local support and enthusiasm of the arts makes the city a thriving haven for creative talents.

Jolly Pumpkin offers Belgian style ales, including farmhouse ales and a great fresh selection of American food. Visit to view pub selections.
Pacific Rim by Kana is the perfect fusion of contemporary pan-Asian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai flavors. Although Duc Tang, owner and chef states, “I don’t like the term fusion because it connotates the idea of blending two different elements and forcing them to work together when they shouldn’t be together.” He thinks of his food as Asian and Western—traditional Asian ingredients and flavors and Western in the use of basic French techniques and an em-phasis on freshness and seasonality.
The Blue Nile offers an relaxing and exotic dining experience.. The Ethiopian res-taurant offers guests the option of traditional seating on bamboo seats for an authentic dining experience.
Art lovers will absorb the creative stimuli pulsating the city. Notable craftsman reside in the area and are national icons in the artistic industry. Potter Marcia Polenberg incorporates her life story in her work. Each piece is as interesting to hear about as it is to observe. Potters John and Susanne Stephenson offer a stunning collection of ceramic work. The wide array of art is sure to please every onlooker. View for a preview of their work.

Sculptor and ceramic artist John Schwarz offers an eclectic collection of innovative sculptures. Find his work at select Ripley’s Believe or Not Museums. The artist was also recently featured at River Gallery in Chelsea, Mich. Visit for more in-formation. Hollander’s in Kerrytown is a pa-per factory worth the stop. The dis-play of decorative paper offers a vast display of styles, prints and textures. Visit for more information.

Enjoy Shakespeare live at “The Arb.” The outdoor garden is transformed into an interactive theater throughout the summer weeks as the audience moves with the scene. Actors enter from behind trees, weaving through the woods. The audience follows musicians and performers along the trail of the arboretum. The series began in the summer 2001 as part of a Ford Motor Company grant for “Arts in the Arb” to showcase the richness of the arts in Ann Arbor.

The Farmer’s Market is where the locals gather to purchase fresh breads, organic produce and hand-crafted arts. Choose from an assortment of pastries and homemade breads. Preview the fresh market at

For science lovers, The Exhibit Museum of Natural History in Ann Arbor offers fascinating exhibits on geology, the evolution of life on Earth, including expansive dinosaur displays, and artifacts from human cultures around the world. For more information on this educational stop, visit

Zingerman’s Deli began small, serving a few sandwiches, traditional Jewish dishes, and a small selec-tion of specialty foods. Today, the Deli serves thousands of sandwiches and doubles as a specialty foods store, selling a mind-boggling variety of cheeses, meats, olive oils, vinegars, coffees and teas. Visit

The passion for embracing the arts is found in Ann Arbor, where locals thrive on organic, natural and creative products. Ann Arbor offers a variety of restaurants, galleries and unique shops, catering to all tastes. The vibe of the city draws in all ages, promising a relaxing get-away for visitors.