By Vivian Shipe

KNOXVILLE, TN — They are responsible for tens of thousands of vaccinated citizens in Knoxville and surrounding counties.
They hold weekly clinics and this week was an exceptionally busy one for the Faith Leaders Initiative. In one week there were homeless

Mayor Kinncannon, center, Cynthia Finch, left of mayor, and members of the Faith Leaders Initiative pose in front of new mural. Photo submitted

clinics that members volunteered with for the health department, a drive thru vaccine clinic for ages 12 and up, an evening clinic for day workers, and a Vaccine Festival that not only put shots

Kelsey Montague, commissioned
artist for memorial piece honoring lost lives from COVID-19 in Knoxville.
Photo by Vivian Shipe

in arms, but provided food and other resources.
In the midst of this were visits from state leaders and recognition from the city mayor for the life-saving work done in the community for over a year by these and other front line workers.
The resounding message from Cynthia Finch and the other faith leaders who were in attendance on Sunday as a mural commissioned by Mayor Kinncannon in remembrance of the 638 Knoxvillian’s who have died from COVID-19 in Knoxville was unveiled was, the work is not yet done!