Kristina T. Wilson Dual Threat Founder/Executive Director

LOS ANGELES, CA — Dual Threat Preparatory Academy, a Black-owned and operated educational program for student-athletes, is excited to announce the launch of its first summer program, the Blue Chip Academy, set to begin in July 2023.

Dual Threat is an educational program focused on providing student-athletes with the proper tools to excel in their sport of choice and outside of sports as academic and civically engaged young leaders. This educational program will support student-athletes starting in the 6th grade. Each educational program will be based on topics that are applicable to the athlete’s age and sport. The program will cover topics such as Social Justice and Civic Engagement, Financial Literacy, Personal Health, and much more.

“Dual Threat Prep’s inaugural program will equip student-athletes with the skills necessary to make an impact outside of the game. Far too often, student-athletes are left to grapple with some of life’s most serious obstacles and transitions without the necessary support,” said Dual Threat’s Founder and Executive Director Kristina T. Wilson, Esq.

She continued, “It takes more than talent and physical skills to be successful in sports, especially as athletes inevitably face some type of adversity inside or outside of sports. We’re excited to welcome 12 6th-grade and 7th grade student-athletes into our program this summer as we launch this curriculum to provide safe and substantive learning for students over the summer.”

Applications to join the program will be available June 1, 2023 at

Dual Threat Preparatory Academy is an educational program that provides student-athletes with the proper foundation to excel in their respective sports while developing them into contributing members of society outside of athletics. By teaching student-athletes the “game” within the game, Dual Threat will instill the knowledge necessary to navigate life as a student-athlete on the high school, college, and professional levels. To learn more about Dual Threat Preparatory Academy, visit