Dr. Shawn Joseph

WASHINGTON, DC — Dr. Shawn Joseph, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and Co-Director of the Urban Superintendent Academy at Howard University, published an article titled, “A Call for Black Superintendents to Document their Experiences Through Authoethnography” in the prestigious Urban Education Journal. 

Dr. Joseph shared, “As a former Black superintendent, I understand the importance of Black superintendents telling the accounts of their experiences as superintendents. The job is different for Black superintendents, and the best way to describe their experiences is for Black superintendents to tell their own stories.” The article discusses racism in educational leadership and its impact on Black superintendents. Dr. Joseph provides a comprehensive description of how Black superintendents can create autoethnographies.

The tale of the hunt will never be told properly unless the Lion tells his story.

This research is significant because there is currently limited research on Black superintendents and there are a limited amount of authoethnographies on Black superintendents in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Joseph shared, “I hope this research inspires Black superintendents to share their stories in a more rigorous, methodical way. If they do, it can positively impact how we train Black superintendents and help them be successful in a difficult job.”

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