After a long recording hiatus, Brandy has a new album that is also on her own label.

By Tribune Staff

NASHVILLE, TN — It’s been over eight years since there was a new single from Brandy, a lifetime in the ever-changing world of popular music. But that hasn’t prevented her from getting back into the game as she has returned with her seventh LP “B7.” It was released last Friday, and also marked her entry into the distribution and label ownership end of the business. “B7” is on her own label Brand Nu and eOne Urban.

She also co-wrote all 15 tracks and co-produced it. As is now the case with many releases in the Black soul/R&B genre, it features a host of collaborations. Some of the contributors include Chance the Rapper, Daniel Caesar and her daughter, Sy’rai. The LP release comes after the end of a five-year legal fight between Brandy and her former label, Chameleon Entertainment.

While discussing the new release with Rolling Stone, Brandy said this truly marked a new start. “I put everything I could into this project. It was so freeing for me, because I did get a chance to really dig in and write from my heart of hearts,” Brandy said. “I was able to really get a lot of things off of my chest, really use music as a way to escape and heal.”

“I’m glad that I didn’t rush it because when you’ve been absent from music for so long you want to make sure that it’s your best work,” Brandy added. “For me, I approached this album like this is my last project. What would I want it to sound like? How would I want to express myself?”

She has focused more on acting in recent years, debuting on Broadway as Roxie Hart in “Chicago,” and also starring in the sitcom BET.

“Zoe Ever After.” This part of her personality is reflected in the music video for the single “Borderline.”  It depicts Brandy being taken into a mental hospital against her will, ending with a PSA about mental health and the message, “You are not alone.”