Knoxville, TN–

ChangeTN, a state PAC based out of Knoxville, announces their endorsement of Dr. Jason Martin for governor of Tennessee. Focused on bringing progressive legislation from Johnson City to Memphis, ChangeTN believes Dr. Martin is the best option to make that a reality. 

One of the many factors for Dr. Martin’s endorsement by ChangeTN was demonstrated by his commitment to represent all 95 counties, as evidenced by his 95 county tour to announce his campaign earlier this year.

Drew Dison, Executive Director for ChangeTN, said of the endorsement, “Dr. Martin has shown that he can be a governor not just for some of the residents of this great state, but for all of us. His campaign focuses on the real issues Tennesseans are worried about, not fighting unnecessary culture wars that further divide us.”

When asked about the impact of the ChangeTN endorsement, Dr. Martin said, “I am thrilled and humbled for our campaign to have earned the endorsement and support of ChangeTN, an organization focused on empowering candidates with progressive values to win from Memphis to Mountain City. [They believe] in investing in today’s races to move our state forward, a value we share and have worked to achieve since launching our campaign through our first 95 county tour.”

ChangeTN started in 2020 as a social welfare organization with the goal of assisting progressive candidates running for any office in Tennessee. Their vision is to help all candidates, regardless of district, by providing them with the resources and outreach capabilities that many local races do not have. Through this outreach, ChangeTN focuses on changing the way progressive ideas are viewed and discussed across the state.

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