My Truth

By Cheryl Smith, Publisher Texas Metro News and iMessenger Media

Now, while I hope that many reading Texas Metro News are unaware of the mess that continues to surface during election time. I know some of you have been caught in the crossfire this cycle and that is unfortunate.

Candidates, can we agree on a few points?

For the record: you don’t have to be mortal enemies to oppose someone in a political race.

Newsflash: You are supposed to be running for the position, not against the other candidates.

For the record: Your opponent’s record can be an issue.

Newsflash: While you’re calling out your opponent(s)’ record, or lack thereof, make sure you have your own receipts; that you have a record to run on.

For the record: Just because someone does not vote for or endorse you does not translate to hatred or anything personal.

Newsflash: Everything is not about you.

For the record: You don’t have to bully people into voting for you.

Newsflash: Some voters actually don’t make up their minds until they are standing in that booth, so you want to make sure they go in with positive thoughts about you.

I could go on and but more than anything I just want you to take advantage of this time in your life and go to the polls.

For the record: It’s your vote even if you “don’t like politics.”

Newsflash: Everything about your life is ultimately controlled or influenced by those who are elected. Maybe it’s not “politics” but petty, amateurish tactics or antics that you dislike.

Which brings me to my truth. For weeks I have been writing about the importance of voting. I’ve received calls saying, “thanks!” There have also been the folks who tell me that I am wasting time, newsprint and energy.

Still others have told me they are disgusted at some of the antics of folks.

Now, I’ve participated in a few elections in my lifetime. I have been victorious and then other times I felt my constituents lost. I say “lost” because I know today, as I knew then, that I was an excellent choice, although the final count did not go in my favor.

Did that vote keep me from working with any of the other candidates? Not at all.

I know the importance of being gracious in victory and defeat and those who have not realized this have a serious character flaw.

You win some. You lose some. How you react after a victory or loss can determine your future.

Some people fade into oblivion, never to be heard of again. Others resurface in other election cycles.

There’s always going to be another election and you can leave a taste in folks’ mouths that will ensure that you never get to taste victory.

There are some very worthy candidates who have offered themselves up for service. Think about it and then go and vote.


For the record: There is going to be inclement weather somewhere on election day.

Newsflash: One day you are going to need a politician to be present and accounted for on an important vote that impacts you significantly; or one day you are going to need an elected official to show up for you, and you are not going to want to hear anything about inclement weather!