These days, our teenagers think it’s cool to express your style by having a tongue or lip piercing, but it can be dangerous.  The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) reports that more teenagers are getting their tongues pierced, and more dentist are seeing problems related to this procedure.  If you are thinking about getting some type of oral piercing such as your tongue, here is a short list of problems that may occur.

Some of the Risks with Tongue Piercings and Oral Piercings

• May make it difficult to speak, chew, or swallow.

• May make you drool.

• May break or chip your teeth and or fillings.

• You can cut or puncture the inside of your mouth, causing ulcers.

• You can have an allergic reaction to the metal at the pierced site.

• You may have pain, swelling, and infection from the piercing.

• Dental appointment difficulties because the jewelry can get in the way.

Taking Care of Your Tongue If You Decide to Pierce It

• Choose a reputable professional who follows the regulations for your state.

• The needle used must be sterilized and all the instruments should be sanitized in an autoclave.

• You should use a surgical grade stainless steel metal so you won’t have an allergic reaction as your choice for jewelry.

• Make sure you keep your tongue clean.

If you already have an oral piercing take good care of your mouth. Remember to remove the jewelry when eating and sleeping. Clean the piercing with antiseptic mouthwash after each meal and brush the jewelry to remove plaque.  I would also recommend you to see a dentist regularly to make sure your tongue and teeth stay healthy.  I hope this Tooth Talk has explained some of the dangers and risks of oral piercings.  If you have questions please call or email ntegrity Dental Care, PLLC, (615) 445-8700.