Nashville, TN – As a result of errors in assigning voters to their correct districts, the Davidson County Election Commission has announced new Election Day procedures to ensure voters receive the proper ballot.

“We have posted important information on our website for all Davidson County voters,” said Jeff Roberts, Davidson County Administrator of Elections. “A red banner at the top of the page includes a link to Important Election Information. When voters click on that link, they will find guidance for what to do if they voted early and what to do if they intend to vote on Election Day.”

The webpage reads:

Important Information for All Davidson County Voters

The following procedures will be in place on Election Day, November 8, 2022 to ensure voters receive the correct ballot choices.

If you voted early:

  • And you think you were given an incorrect ballot due to a district misassignmentplease review this list of voters
  • If you find your name, you may cast a provisional ballot on Election Day at the Davidson County Election Commission, 1417 Murfreesboro Pike
  • This provisional ballot will contain your corrected district(s) and will only be counted in the event an election contest is filed
  • You must cast this provisional ballot at our office, as it will NOT be available at your assigned Election Day polling location

If you have not voted:

  • Go to your assigned Election Day polling location, found at the Polling Place Finder
  • If your district(s) were correctly assigned, you will vote using the voting machines
  • If your district(s) were misassigned, you will vote on a paper ballot that will contain the correct ballot choices

“We want to emphasize to early voters that if their name appears on the list, they can vote a provisional ballot at our office,” continued Roberts. “We have prepared a personalized envelope for each of them, containing their correct ballot. As always, we will check their photo ID and then provide them their ballot. They will not find this special provisional ballot at their assigned polling location.”

“Election Day voters must vote at their assigned polling location, which they can find by using the Polling Place Finder at,” added Roberts. “Checking where they are assigned is especially important if the last time they voted was in the 2020 Presidential Election. At check-in, our Poll Officials will ask for their photo ID, then review a list. If the voter’s name is on the list, they will vote on a paper ballot containing the correct ballot choices. We have prepared personalized envelopes containing the ballots for these voters, and they will be available at their identified precincts. If the voter’s name is not on the list, their district(s) were correctly assigned. They will mark their selections at the Ballot Marking Device and cast their printed ballot using the Ballot Scanner.”

Voters should bring a photo ID issued by the federal or Tennessee state government when they vote in person. College student IDs and IDs issued by local governments or other states are not accepted.

The Davidson County Election Commission is responsible for providing free and fair elections to every eligible citizen. The Election Commission is regulated by State of Tennessee law and funded by Metropolitan Nashville government. The main office is located at 1417 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37217.