(Tennessee) – Today, Tennessee Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jason Martin released how he plans to address issues most concerning to Tennesseans on his campaign website. Dr. Martin addresses issue areas including public safety, education, and women’s rights.

“I believe that the values uniting Tennesseans are more powerful than the politics that seek to divide us,” said Dr. Martin. “I know that together, we THRIVE. That means having a more efficient government that works for all people to help us solve big problems.”

Soon after announcing his run to become Tennessee’s 51st governor, Dr. Martin and his campaign team traveled to each of the state’s 95 counties to hear what issues Tennesseans are facing each and every day. Dr. Martin’s policy platform reflects the voices in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties.

“No matter your zip code, the color of your skin, or how much money you have in the bank, Tennessee should be the home of opportunity, the home of safe communities, and the home of a nimble, lean and efficient government that helps people solve problems together.”

Read the policy platform at martinfortn.com