Dr. James E.K. Hildreth, president, Meharry Medical College

Dr. Hildreth, infectious disease expert and President & CEO of Nashville’s Meharry Medical, was speaking during a Power Poll panel on COVID-19 and Racial Health Disparities in Tennessee when he expressed support for the removal of the Bust of Nathan Bedford Bust displayed at the State House.  According to Dr. Hildreth, he shared his personal sentiments.  “Nathan Bedford Forrest should not be so prominently displayed in the capitol of the State of Tennessee. When I see him, what I see is the lifeless bodies of Black folks hanging from trees. I smell burning flesh and I hear the moans and wails of families watching their families being killed. Maybe if they saw what I saw, heard what I heard and smelled what I smell when they looked at this thing they would understand why this raises so much emotion for us.”  The measure previously failed in a committee vote.