Cynthia Thomas Finch poses on the bench to be permanently mounted in White Oak Park in her honor.

By Vivian Shipe

KNOXVILLE, TN — In Newport Tennessee, August 12th, now has a new meaning. It is now and hence forth and forever known as Cynthia Thomas Finch Day

Surrounded by her family and her Alpha  Kappa Alpha, Inc. sisters, Cynthia Thomas Finch, home town girl, born and raised in Newport Tennessee, was formerly recognized and honored for the great contributions to the country through her work and dedication over the years. The “list” of her accomplishments and her life saving efforts, especially during the pandemic is long and honorable.

To honor and recognize her in White Oak Park a commemorative marker and bench dedication was held along with a walk down memory lane of HERstory; and what a story it is.

Finch is the founder of the Faith Leaders Initiative, bringing together up to 180 people on zoom calls during COVID-19 to keep the churches informed by the experts,  she is the creator of the famous “Cynthia’s List,” designed to ensure thousands of African Americans were not left behind during the pandemic, responsible for getting the first vaccines into the arms of the elders in the community. Additionally, she was honored as USA Today’s Woman of the Year in 2021, responsible for ensuring over 30,000 vaccinated during the pandemic, recognized by the BBC radio network internationally, continually holds weekly zooms to keep public informed, worked collaboratively with other agencies to feed thousands during pandemic, provided truckloads of core sanitizing supplies throughout the city, and the list goes on and on.

Not bad for a little girl from Newport Tennessee. Not bad at all.