First Horizon employee Richard Ellis and family. Photo submitted

By the Dave Thomas
Foundation for Adoption

MEMPHIS, TN — Adoption costs a family an average of $43,000, according to Adoptive Families Magazine. The costs can be a barrier for families wanting to adopt and provide a home. First Horizon National Corp. (NYSE:FHN) reduces the financial barrier for its employees by offering adoption reimbursement and paid parental leave benefits. 

“First Horizon is honored to be recognized by the Dave Thomas Foundation for our family-friendly culture for the 11th time,” said John Daniel, EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer. “We are proud to help our employees fulfill their personal goals of becoming parent for the first time or expanding their family through our programs.”

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption surveyed employers nationwide and recognizes employers by size, industry, best leave and foster care benefits. Based on their findings, First Horizon National Corporation has been named one the 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces for 2019.   

As part of its comprehensive benefits package, employees at First Horizon receive:

• Adoption referral services.

• Up to $15,000 of adoption reimbursement.

• Four weeks of paid parental leave for both adoption and foster parents.

“Adoption was something my wife and I had discussed for a while after having issues starting a family of our own,” said First Horizon employee Richard Ellis. “We were ready and committed to start the process. Our daughter was born in March 2018. Through First Horizon’s benefits program, our family received reimbursement for a significant portion of the adoption costs. I am grateful that it helped ease the burden on my family’s finances.” 

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