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Know the steps on how to get opioid users eager about their road to recovery through drug addiction treatment.

The number of drug overdoses each year is continuing to rise across the nation. In 2016 alone, at least 1,631 Tennesseans unintentionally ended their lives as a result of a drug overdose, according to the Tennessee Department of Health. To put things in perspective, that’s approximately 135 deaths per month, 31 per week and 4 per day. With the number of overdose deaths increasing, many coroners have reason to believe 2017 will be a record-breaking year over 2016.

Such staggering statistics highlight the need for opioid treatment and recovery in Tennessee. However, for many opioid users, knowing that recovery means a lifetime of sobriety can be overwhelming. At A.M.C. of Nashville, our dedicated professionals work with each individual patient to make recovery a positive experience. As addiction care experts, we’ve discovered a few ways to help get opioid users excited about an addiction-free life.

Create a recovery plan

As a loved one to an opioid user, educate yourself on the process of addiction treatment and addiction recovery. One way to actively help an opioid user with their hesitation is to craft a recovery plan. Outline transportation details, the possible at-home needs they may have, required admissions paperwork, accepted insurance providers and more. By ironing out the hairy details, it makes the idea of treatment less intimidating for the user.

Change the negative thoughts into positives.

Focus on what they will be gaining by seeking treatment. Transition their thoughts from what they’re giving up to the positives they will reap. Avoid lecturing, threatening or moralizing your loved one. In many cases, opioid users may feel like they’re going through the process alone. Reaffirm your dedication by expressing your ongoing support in their journey to recovery.

Another positivity tool is to put your loved one in touch with recovery communities. Today, there’s a growing network of previously-addicted users who are now sober and excited about being sober. Many people who have successfully completed treatment are living healthy and happy lives and want to share their experience.

Provide encouragement about recovery.

One thing you can do for an opioid user is to encourage them to get help. Be loving and supportive, but be aware that they may try to make excuses or argue about the process. Be persistent with the end result – their treatment and recovery.

Once an opioid user decides to start treatment, it’s important to remain involved. Continue to support their decision by participating in care, meetings and support groups. Although it isn’t always easy to get a loved one to enter treatment, know it’s critical in them living a healthy and happy life.

A.M.C. of Nashville is an Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) practice serving any individual who struggles with opioid dependence or addiction and is ready to make the bold steps towards sobriety. Opioid medications such as prescription painkillers (oxycodone, oxymorphone, methodone, hydrocodone, etc.) or heroin can be treated effectively with medication-assisted treatment combined with counseling, support and individualized recovery plans. We believe this comprehensive approach will be the most effective aid in helping opioid users take their life back from the grip of addiction.

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