The 75-year-old Mexican company Grupo Bimbo, one of the world’s largest and leading companies in the baking industry with annual sales of $16 billion, will invest in Israeli startup EatSane.

EatSane is a food-tech startup creating low-carbohydrate products without artificial sweeteners. So far, the line includes breads and chocolate pralines; it plans to expand to pizzas, pastas, puddings and snacks.

Grupo Bimbo has a presence in 33 countries and produces more than 13,000 products under approximately 100 brands at 196 manufacturing plants.

When Grupo Bimbo executives visited Israel in early 2016, Israeli scouting company Nogaplus brought them to see numerous innovative food technologies.

Following up on that trip, Grupo Bimbo relocated Daniela Talamantes, a member of its global division, Bimbo Ventures, to Israel in 2020. Working with Nogaplus CEO Rina Fainstein, Talamantes explores possible strategic partnerships with Israeli startups. Grupo Bimbo is represented by Ilana Soloducho Kashmir and Meny Broid from Pearl Cohen law firm.

EatSane was co-founded by Tel Aviv endocrinologist Dr. Mariela Glandt and lawyer/entrepreneur Ran Hirsch, whose daughter Hadar was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age eight.

Very low-carb diets show promise in treating type 1 diabetes, according to a study published by the Society for Endocrinology.

“In results taken from an online patient survey, Lennerz et al. identified the potential for very-low-carbohydrate diets to improve blood sugar control in type 1 diabetes,” the study says.

“The survey respondents reported an average daily carbohydrate intake of 36g, or about 5 percent of total calories. (As a comparison, the American Diabetes Association recommends that about 45 percent of calories come from carbohydrates.) Respondents reported using lower-than-average doses of insulin, and reported positive measures of insulin sensitivity and cardiometabolic health, such as low triglyceride levels and high HDL cholesterol levels.”

A UK diabetes site states, “Reducing carbohydrate intake can help to largely eliminate the spikes and crashes in sugar levels that are common on higher carb diets.

“Whilst low-carb diets may not be for everyone, those that maintain the diet tend to achieve very good blood glucose control and enjoy a renewed sense of confidence and well-being.”

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