JB Smiley, Jr.

Memphis, TN — Today, JB Smiley, Jr. released the following statement regarding the recently passed gerrymander of Tennessee congressional and legislative districts recently forced through by the Republican members of the General Assembly.

“When elections are free and fair, voters have an opportunity to shape the direction of their cities, state, and nation. Our elders sacrificed so much to secure the right to vote because they recognized the immediate impact of elections, yet Tennessee Republicans continue to manipulate the system. At a time when countless voters are disillusioned by politics, the redistricting maps recently passed by Tennessee Republicans is an offensive threat to democracy.”

JB Smiley, Jr is running for Governor to bring new leadership to Tennessee that is more inclusive of all the voices of the Volunteer State. He is running to be an advocate for higher teacher pay and stronger schools, a living wage for all workers, and expanded access to healthcare in both rural and urban communities.

“The Republican redistricting bills have one goal — unaccountable power at the expense of the voters and the communities who need representation the most. Governor Lee can finally show some real leadership by vetoing these blatant attempts by his Republican colleagues to serve their own political interests.”

A native Memphian, JB Smiley Jr. is an attorney and a member of the Memphis City Council. As a council member, JB is Chair of the Public Works, Transportation, and General Services Committee and the council liaison for the Urban Art Commission. On the City Council, JB has delivered for his community, implementing the Memphis Academy of Civic Engagement, the Memphis Police Department Transparency Portal, and amending the Eviction Set Out Ordinance.