by Dedrick L. Johnson

The 1980’s are extremely tough times for Thelma Davis and her son, Raleek. But living in Harlem has never been exactly easy for anyone.

Raleek can’t stay out of trouble. His friend Eddie has him fighting every other kid in the neighborhood. And while Raleek is going at it in the streets, his mother Thelma, must fight to keep the bills paid, food on the table and her child on the right path. Given the hand she’s been dealt, it seems she can’t do much else but call on the Lord for help.

Thelma attends the Community Faith Baptist Church of Harlem, where her trust in the Lord is strengthened each Sunday. Her Pastor, Pastor Bernard King proves to be a reliable source of spiritual inspiration. But this inspiration extends beyond the pulpit and at times, right behind the closed door of Thelma’s bedroom. What a single mother wouldn’t do to survive? But when tragedy strikes and despair sets in, survival may not be worth the bother.

Find out what Thelma and Raleek Davis are made of. Will they give up and let go of their hopes and dreams, or will they keep, HOLDIN’ ON?

Holdin’ On
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