Vincent Dixie, TN House District 54
Vincent Dixie
NASHVILLE, TN (TN Tribune)—House Democratic Caucus Chair Vincent Dixie today said, “It’s about time that Republicans joined us in asking Tennesseans to get vaccinated against COVID-19.”
Reacting to a letter promoting vaccinations from several Senate Republicans and a recent statement from a House Republican, Chairman Dixie said “I’m glad they are finally on board with Tennessee Democrats who have been urging people to take this virus seriously for the past year and a half.  The lack of leadership by the Governor and continual denying of the coronavirus by the GOP resulted in politically motivated divisions in the state and could have led to the deaths of thousands of Tennesseans. Maybe if they had showed some leadership earlier, followed the science and stopped playing political games with people’s lives, some of those deaths could have been prevented. However, it’s better than late than never.  Only 38% percent of Tennesseans are fully immunized.  So, I hope their constituents listen to them, get vaccinated, wear masks when necessary and help us fight this deadly virus.”