Newly established streaming service, Watch Africa Now (WAN), is offering moving, insightful and educational
programs including independent short-films, documentaries, children programs, music
and more from renowned African filmmakers and content creators.

The UK based streaming platform has distinguished itself by delivering dedicated award-winning and approved content from Africa to a global audience. Justin Beekye, CEO and Founder of WAN TV, said. “Black History Month is an all-year celebration here at WAN….”

The collection includes ‘Accra Power’, a film by Sandra Krampelhuber, which provides an
eclectic mix of perceptions of power in one of many thriving urban settings Africa’s. It outlines the creative and artistic strategies of young Ghanaians situated at the crossroads of tradition and various belief systems, high technological and economic growth, infrastructural deficits and the current energy crisis.

The platform also hosts a range of cultural animated content, in line with its vision to educate
and entertain their audience through culturally relatable characters and content, such as:
‘Akili and Me’, by Ubongo Entertainment, Tanzania – a preschool Edu-cartoon that teaches
three to six-year-olds numeracy, pre-literacy, English as a second language, art and socioemotional skills, for holistic early childhood education.

‘47 Proverbs Series’, by Akin Alabi, Nigeria – a series of creative animation of Yoruba and
Igbo proverbs designed to help Igbos worldwide learn the proverbs that have been handed
down from one generation to another, in an attempt to conserve the rich Igbo culture and

If you’re after things to stream and watch during Black History Month, Watch Africa Now
presents an eccentric powerful list of feature short films, edutainment, documentaries,
animations and more. These selections not only celebrate the black historical month it takes
viewers on a new journey of film discovery, introducing the world to a pristine range of
Award-Winning African Filmmakers for the first time on a streaming platform.

Films include: Purity by House of Crest – A girl child with the desire to make an impact in society, but
is faced with the negative side of reality, down in a Nigerian slum where she grew up.
Therapist by Kanso “Winner of 2020 Black Star International Film Festival” – A story of a
therapist whose patients adore and worship her. However, everything may not be as rosy as
it seems.

Jabu by Sipho Nuse “Winner of Young Filmmaker Award” A young South African boy has
to take heavy responsibility and care for his ailing mother while suffering from his oppressive
father’s abuse.

Turtle Taido “Multi-Award Winning Animation Series Creator and Executive Producer
Muyiwa Kayode” Adventures of Turtle Taido, a super-powered African Turtle who travels to
different cities on an adventure.

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