Kanye West meets with Trump in Oval Office in Oct. 2018

By Cynthia Anderson

Nashville—More than 10,000 Tennessee voters cast their ballots for rapper Kanye West despite all indications that the rapper had zero chance of winning the 2020 presidential election.

West, who himself said he was voting for the first time in his life in a presidential election, chronicled his experience on social media. He wrote his name in for president in Wyoming where he has a ranch.

West appeared on the ballet as a presidential candidate with running mate Michelle Tidball across 12 states, where he received a total of approximately 60,000 votes.

Tennesseans gave West his highest number of votes 10,258; followed by the 7,654 votes he received in Minnesota and 6,259 in Kentucky.

West has publicly expressed support for President Trump in the past. Both Democratic and Republican political operatives told CNN West’s third-party campaign appeared to be an effort to skim support from Democratic nominee Joe Biden and aid President Trump’s reelection.