Flyer that Michael Shadden made for his wife. Photo submitted

By Vivian Underwood Shipe

In sickness and in health are the words couples promise each other in their wedding vows.

The words..”Sarcoidosis Uveitis” have not stopped Micheal Shadden, Knoxville developer and entrepreneur,  and his children  and grandchildren, from walking in those vows as his  wife fights to keep her eyesight.

An eye disease with a monthly cost of over 4500.00 is what the family is facing as their insurance has declined to pay for these eye injections which, without them she will go blind

The family is fighting for Kendra by holding fund raisers  in the community and have created a For the love of Kendra go fund me account.

The family will hold their next find raiser on August 18th  while they continue their insurance battle and look for resources to help save her eyes.