Here is a list of deceptive terms Israel uses in its war against Palestinians that often parroted by mainstream media.

* “Israeli Arabs” is a false term to describe Palestinians with Israeli citizenship. The more proper term is 48-Palestinians. Palestinian who never left Palestine when Israel was created.

* A rubber bullet is a rubber-coated steel bullet- “not like a Nerf Gun Blaster.” It can cause death, injuries, and permanent disability. IDF soldiers are notorious for firing them on children’s eyes.

* “Terrorism” is not the correct term to describe resisting a brutal foreign occupation. Even the NYT runs an op-ed saying that “legitimate resistance” to violence is a Palestinian right.
* The Separation wall should be called the Apartheid wall.

* Eviction is a sugarcoated term for ethnic cleansing.

* Colonial occupation of Palestinian homes is not a real state dispute.

* The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) is a better term to refer to the IDF.

* “Noble Sanctuary”, better known as the Dome of the Rock, is not the Temple Mount.

* Tear gas canisters are considered a chemical weapon. IOF uses them illegally by firing them in the faces of peaceful protesters.

* “Israel war against Hamas” is a deceptive term and should be substituted with Israel war against Palestinians. Remember, 48- Palestinians who rose up, in Lodde, Akka”, and Yafa in support of Gaza and Jerusalem were not Abbas, Jihad, or Hamas fans.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph