It is good to know many people in America will celebrate Juneteenth and Black History Month.
America is the leading nation today thanks to the labor, contributions, and sacrifices of blacks. But
lingering effects of slavery and segregation limits them in all institutions, areas of life, and permits police abuse. That is systematic racism which caused damage for generations. Therefore, they need a collective response for guidance and movement, towards unity and reparations for liberation.

Everyone should support the African-American Reparations/Sovereignty (AARS) outline as that
response to address racism and police terrorism, and get a good idea of how reparations can unfold,
to get justice for blacks, and as a healing source for the races. The advantage of AARS is we
generate wealth, $62 Trillion for collective and individual relief, plus $5 Trillion in time, for costs and emergency funds to build safe cities, and provide recovery services on our own sovereign land.

Dissolving racism and improving police relations is the change that will make America a much
better place. The AARS outline was written with the vision to start a peaceful and political process,
to achieve that goal. The AARS outline is for everyone 18 and older in America to observe, as part
of a program, to initiate racial healing among blacks, and with all others who desire a civil society.

Please visit , click the green collective response tab for the 1st article on section 8. We are asking all people to support that response as a solution for social problems. If
you read the website you will get a good education on Black History, Racism, and Reparations,
and note in AARS we offer monetary services for financial stability, to spend reparations wisely.

In Memory of the Civil Rights Movement,
Most Sincerely Brotha Cliff Pruitt