When The Tennessee Tribune was founded in 1991, the average American had not heard of the internet. Most people had no idea that one day a global system of interconnected computers would change they way they shop, communicate and live.

The Tennessee Tribune Social Media Director Jason Luntz
The Tennessee Tribune Social Media Director Jason Luntz

It was 1995 when the internet was fully commercialized in the United States and it started to enter homes and places of business.
Flash forward to 2016 and the internet has revolutionized the human experience. Where we once had to find news and info by seeking out traditional media sources (television, print and radio), we now have updated information at our finger tips.

Initially, the internet was similar to other media experiences: We just received information. It was different because you were on a laptop or a computer, but the majority of the time you were reading or watching content. We did not have a chance to communicate back to the broadcaster.
Social Media changed that forever. As Social Media evolved, the broadcaster and the receiver have the ability to exchange thoughts and ideas. Now when a person writes a news story or creates a video, the person who received that content can like, comment and share that content with others. Content creators can instantly learn of reactions to what they have posted on the internet.

As Social Media has exploded, The Tennessee Tribune has continued to expand its use of Social Media to keep readers aware of news they find important. The newspaper has both a Facebook and Twitter account, two of today’s most popular Social Media networks. The Tribune shares its most popular stories from its print edition on its website, and then distributes them through Social Media.

The Tennessee Tribune is also a member of YouTube. A popular video platform, You- Tube allows the newspaper to create multimedia content that enhances stories in the print edition and share exclusive content found only online such as “Take 10 on Tuesdays with The Tennessee Tribune”.

If the internet was the first drastic shift in how humanity connects with one another, then “Mobile communications is arguably the most important technological development in the history of the planet,” according to Dan Hesse, former CEO of Sprint. One look around and it is apparent that the majority of people use are using mobile devices throughout the day.

The use of smartphones and tablets means that we can now share and communicate on Social Media constantly. It is because of this that The Tennessee Tribune has revamped its website to be responsive to mobile devices as well as connected Facebook comments to each story it post online.

It is the goal of The Tennessee Tribune to allow its readers the ability to use Social Media as a part of their total experience.

Tennessee Tribune Social Media Director