By Janice Malone

NASHVILLE, TN — Ladies, are you still looking for “Mr. Right?” He’s not a myth. He’s still out there waiting to meet you, perhaps at the altar. Bridget Vaughan, author of the just released new book TIME FOR MARRIAGE: 50 TIPS FOR FINDING MR. RIGHT, has some practical info that just may help direct single women in the right direction when it comes to meeting the man of their dreams. “This is a self-help book that’s designed for the single woman who’s looking for a good catch,” says the author about her latest release. The book is helpful but also witty and it’s a quick read (58 pages). “It’s a great reference guide for single women and is perfect for book clubs,” adds Ms. Vaughan. 

Even though the book’s only been out for a few weeks, readers who’ve purchased it are loving its contents.  A customer from says: “While this book takes on a humorous tone, it speaks volumes of wisdom, too. Purchase it for members in the church singles ministry or use it as a book club selection. Bridget Vaughan is a writer on the rise. Watch her soar!”

Ms. Vaughan says the Time for Marriage project started out as a movie script of the same title, that eventually became the current book. The movie script/storyline is about a 24-year-old attractive woman, named ‘Jasmine’ who proposes marriage to her boyfriend after they had been dating for three years. The lovely Ms. Jasmine is devastated when her handsome beau declines her proposal.  But because the proposal was public, Jasmine is extremely humiliated.  She then purchases the book, ‘Time for Marriage,’ which she uses to help her find the man that she was meant to be with.

Here’s a brief preview from the book —  Men come in five categories: Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now, Mr. Friends Only, Mr. Wrong and Mr. No Way in Hell.  

Ladies, are you listening? 

The Time for Marriage book is loaded with good old-fashioned, sound advice that many women have either forgotten or perhaps need to hear for the first time when it comes to dating today. But the book is not just for women only. According to Ms. Vaughan, she’s had several men who have also enjoyed her book. “I had a guy friend read it and he said there were a lot of topics in the book that cross over to what men often think about when they’re trying to find the right mate too. Things such as infidelity, drug and alcohol problems, finances. So, the book has advice for both men and women,” says Bridget.

The multi-talented writer/producer has either written or co-written several comedy and drama projects for television, film and the web. Even though her writing talents are quite diverse, it’s comedy and romantic comedies that Ms. Vaughan seems to have a personal liking to. She’s even written a successful webisode series, “Brooks Family Affairs.’ A list of her literary works can be found at

Right now, the Memphis-born author says she’s enjoying promoting her Time for Marriage book. She has an upcoming book signing this weekend, August 19th  from 1 – 4 pm at  Alkebu-Lan Images Books store (2721 Jefferson St, Nashville, TN 37208). The next book signing will be September 8th  from 2 – 4 pm at Barnes & Noble Hendersonville (300 Indian Lake Blvd. Hendersonville, TN 37075).

 Along the way, Bridget says she still has plans to develop the book into a film and has already been pitching the script to various film industry insiders who have given her positive feedback.