By Janice Malone

NASHVILLE, TN — Why do some students transition well while others fail? If you are unsure of the answer to this question, Rochelle Moore’s new book “Making the Jump: How to Successfully Transition from High School to College,” may have the answers that you need. In this empowering book author Rochelle Moore shows how every student can overcome the challenges that often cause students to plummet instead of soar in the college arena.

Making the Jump was created to help readers become more informed of post-secondary educational outlooks such as: how to harness your vision, how to set expectations beyond your comfort zones, how to create goals, and how to attack them. In addition, this guide teaches what it means to be independently responsible and will show you how to set healthy boundaries. Each chapter is designed to make your transition from high school to college as smooth as possible. Ms. Moore says that she was inspired to write the book after spending several years of working with families and students as an educator; she began to notice that many students had a desire to attend college but simply lacked the foundational skills necessary to be truly successful on the next level after high school. “As a first generational student, I struggled through my own transition from high school to college,” says Moore. “My gained foresight put me in a position to empower students with tools to help them be successful as they transition from high school to college and not fall into the many pitfalls and set-backs that await so many of our youth.”

Making the Jump shows how becoming a well-informed student will help students successfully matriculate past those first semesters. According Ms. Moore it’s really never too early to prepare your child for those college years. She says that Parents should always be aware of their child strengths, hobbies, goals, and dreams. By doing so, it will help the parent become aware of the child’s interests will help them move in the direction that leads toward college. “This process can begin as early as 5th grade. So instead of researching colleges, first research your child and hone in on their dreams and aspirations. Once a parent has a handle on their child’s gifts/talents, then find the best university that can enhance your son or daughter’s innate ability. However, because their goals and dreams may change, do know that this can be a tedious but rewarding process,” says Moore.

Making the Jump is a book geared more toward high school students, but the author encourages middle school parents to invest in the book as well. The book has received praise from other fellow educators as well, such as Ms. Arnita King, M.Ed (Administrator in Higher Education and Student Affairs). She says, “This book is highly recommended reading for all high school juniors, seniors, and incoming college freshmen – especially first generational students.”

Rochelle Moore has already started writing on her next book. The topic will be focused on how college graduates can successfully transition from college to the workplace. Making the Jump is available at Barnes and Noble Vanderbilt, and

About the Author: Rochelle Moore is passionate about teaching students how to successfully transition and thrive on the college level. She lectures at many high schools and colleges. She has worked in education for a number of years where she has helped students and families reach success. Author Moore is a graduate of Tennessee Stated University, with BA/MA degree in Psychology and an Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology.