Carlee McCullough, left and Christian West-Coleman

By Clint Confehr

MEMPHIS, TN — McCullough Law — a civil law firm specializing in bankruptcy, personal injury, family law and other civil cases started in Memphis — recently opened a Music City office.

McCullough Law’s Nashville office is on the 20th floor of One Nashville Place, 150 4th Ave., North, in what’s known as the Regions Bank building, across Printer’s Alley from Country Music Television headquarters.

“What I like about Nashville, apart from the growth of the city and its economic base, is the entertainment component, and the growing diversity of the work force because we do labor and employment law, as well,” says Carlee McCullough, founder of the firm in a restored Victorian home at 2206 Union Ave., Memphis.

Christian West-Coleman opened the Nashville office.

“She’s outstanding as a woman and as a lawyer,” McCullough said. “She’s quite creative in her writings and in her presentations before the court. We do litigate heavily. Christian had an opportunity to go before the judges in Memphis and that’s a part of what she will be doing in Nashville.”

West-Coleman has degrees from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the University of Memphis Law School.

“Working for McCullough Law is a continuation of the dream,” West-Coleman said during the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the King assassination.

“Part of Martin’s dream was that his children would be defined by character and not the   color of their skin,” she continued. “It’s an issue that’s still present in the entire country, but also in the legal field. Black lawyers are in the minority, so we strive to make sure that the firm, its representation and work are judge by its quality. McCullough Law and the attorneys who work there are trying to push that agenda; that we are a continuation of the dream so we may one day have that dream realized.”

West-Coleman started as an intern at McCullough Law in the summer of 2015.

“One of our goals,” McCullough said, “is to provide a quality service to our clients at a very affordable rate.

“We see clients on some of the worst days of their lives,” said McCulough. The cause may be divorce, a death, a crash, or economic crisis. “We provide our clients with a very comfortable space.”

McCullough Law is in a restored Victorian house, complete with living room-like conference rooms and an office kitchen and a break room that’s more like an informal dining room. A covered patio with a table, chairs, fireplace and a grill add to the residential feel of the firm’s headquarters.

“Memphis is my home,” McCullough said. If clients needs more than a lawyer, she can call friends. When orders of protection during divorces “or when folks are not married,” housing after escaping domestic violence can be an issue. West-Coleman says she wants to forge similar friendships in Nashville.

McCullough attended Howard University for her bachelor’s degree. She was recruited by a company that took her to Chicago, and relocated her to Los Angeles where she earned her law degree at Loyola Law School. Her career continued in Houston. Mayor Willie Harrington brought her back to Memphis and put her in charge of diversity in contracting with the city. She did so for years before retiring from the city. She’s a former CPA. City attorneys permitted her to practice law when not conflicting with her city duties. While working for Memphis, McCullough dealt with entertainment law, providing counsel to Music and Film commissions, an area of law she learned while in Los Angeles.

“I will be back and forth” between Memphis and Nashville, McCullough said. “Christian West-Coleman is “heading up” the Nashville office.

A reception presented by The Tennessee Tribune and CapStar Bank for the Law Firm is being held May 10 at Fisk’s Jubilee Hall, Appleton Room from 5 pm to 7 pm. The public and legal community are invited.

Clint Confehr

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